My husband's attitude makes me hate all truckers and the road changes them

I just love stories on here where the women say being a trucker's wife is the toughest job and our job is tougher than theirs. Well first of all the reason it is tough being a trucker's wife is putting up with them and their s**t.

I have totally lost all love that I have for him. He talks more to his friends than he does with his own family. We have teenage twins, a boy and a girl, and the girl has some special needs and the past few months all my husband and I have done on the phone is fight fight fight.

I did not start this. This has been my worst weekend and as a matter of fact my son actually told my husband "I hate you and F**K you" is what he told his own father. He gets the language in his class. Lately my husband can verbally abuse me and expects me to shut up and take it and when I ask him to apologize, he claims he did not do anything wrong.

He calls the opposite race derogatory names. And his sex ideas is disgusting. Not to sound gross but I am starting to go through the menopause stage where I was told my bladder is very weak and my husband agreed that there are other ways I can please him, well I thought it would be a normal way, his way is way out of league. He actually wanted to do anal and then take it out of my rear end and have me do oral on him.

I told a doctor about this and she said oh dear God, she said my husband was disgusting and for me not to do what he wants. Well I was going to give him Father Day cards from me and the kids and make him his favorite meal for Father's Day tomorrow and that went out the window and I swear he has a woman on the side or one of his trucker friends are driving him away from his family.

He says to me stop blaming them and then he yells to the top of his lungs out in public and embarrasses me telling me out of the blue that I don't know how to satisfy him, he does this in public and then when I defend myself, he says oh that's right ruin my weekend, then he yells he has had it, he's done, this marriage is over and he is no longer sleeping with me when he comes home, he wants his freedom and that is when my son let loose on him telling him F**K you and that he hates him.

So I asked him who the hell is the woman and I said it sounds like you made someone preggers and he says to me he does not have anyone else but he wishes he did. The funny thing is he is still wearing his wedding ring but I have taken my wedding ring & engagement ring off.

And a lot of posts on here mentions communicating with him, tell him how you feel, THERE IS NO COMMUNICATION with him because he feels he does no wrong, a typical narcissist. Me and the kids are to the point where if we could wish someone dead with our minds, we would wish him dead.

And I do not work outside the home because my Daughter needs a lot of doctors and he is telling me I better go get a job because he is done taking care of us all. I am venting on here and I hate him so bad, it is not funny.

There may be truckers seeing this that will say oh they never cheated or won't cheat on their spouse, I don't buy it, because out on the road, these guys are gone 2-3 months and there is plenty of opportunity to cheat and the spouse will never know.

My son just put the Father Day cards through the shredder, I love it. I just put my husband's phone # in my cell phone by changing his name, I now have it under Jack Knife lol!

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