My husband just became a truck driver

My husband has been gone since January to start his trucking career and it's been a long 2 months and still has 2 more months before he returns for home time.

I am grateful and thankful that he is going down this path being that we have been through some rough patches financially in the past. We have been together 13 yrs and married for 6. And have 2 kids.

It gets so lonely and i miss him dearly me and my oldest would sit and cry together the first week he left -_-.

We haven't been away from each other this long. I am keeping it together and what keeps me going are my boys and being able to talk or facetime him everyday helps a lot. And just keeping in mind what goals we are trying to accomplish. Have to keep the communication going too if not your mind wanders a Lot. I have full time job and its hard to juggle that and the kids alone. I'm thinking of quitting until the end of the school year.I dont know if i can manage.

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