My first experience on the road

by Jonie
(North Carolina )

Jonie_first trip over the road

Jonie_first trip over the road

It was very interesting to say the least.I had to get used to living a different lifestyle. I learned to make a lot of meals in the microwave as well as eating out on occasion.

But the hardest thing for me was using public restrooms so I became a pro at urinating in a large cup and I didn't use tissue I used baby wipes. I learned my body well what I could and couldn't eat to make my stomach get to turning if you know what I mean.

It was my first time and took some getting use to. We were able to take showers everyday due to the fuel he purchased. The highlight was of course spending time with my man but also seeing parts of the world I would probably never see.

I was still able to wash up in between showers. The truck was clean with a bed and a 32in T.v., :of course the radio and I had books oh it was a dvd player to. Plenty of room for storage.

He was an excellent driver so no worries there. I have to admit he has made this trip nothing but comfortable for me the entire month and two weeks I was with him looking forward to the next trip.

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