My Boss & Co-Worker Wants To Kill My Husband & I Don't Blame Them

I am a dental hygienist at a dental office in which my boss is a dentist along with his son who also is a dentist, his wife, who is the office manager & his daughter who just graduated last year from high school as one of the receptionists.

I was in one of the exam rooms cleaning a patient's teeth when all of a sudden my boss's daughter started to yell & curse out my husband over the phone, which at the time I did not know he was the one she was cursing at & my boss came running out & said to his daughter yo, yo, you, what the hell are you doing & she said this jerk called me a c**t & called me a fat a** all because I would not get his wife (me) out of the exam room when he wanted it to happen.

Well my husband did not hear her put him on speaker because of his loud ranting & when my boss heard it, he told my husband he was no longer a patient here. (My husband and Mom are patients there.) My husband asked why & my boss said he would not accept that language addressed to his daughter.

I was a dental hygienist at this office before my husband & I got married 5 years ago & as a matter of fact since my father was dead at the time of my wedding, my boss told my Mom that he would walk me down the aisle & at the time of our wedding my husband was not an over the road truck driver.

He was at a job that did not pay well, so he left & then went to a company that paid well, but they moved to California & my husband & I did not want to move to California since my Mom is here & his parents are dead due to an auto accident.

My boss told me if he knew ahead of time that my husband would turn into this monster, he would have never walked me down the aisle & make sure I would not have married him. My husband was fine at his other jobs until 2 years ago when he got around some questionable other truck drivers & he is being guided or influenced by these other questionables.

My husband has been doing trucking for 5 years & during that time, he has always been treated very good at home, I always made sure his needs were met & I cooked for him, did his laundry & made sure his truck was full of snacks & water & soda.

What another thing is very sad over is we have a 20 month old son & since he blasted me on the phone over this one incident which I will bring up shortly, he no longer calls us nor does he want to talk to us. Oh before I forget, I got the name of this forum from one of my patients that I was cleaning her teeth when the battle went on with my husband & my boss & his daughter, she told me her daughter was once married to an OTR driver & it got so bad she divorced him but he's sitting in prison because he beat her & the kids because he took his frustrations out on them but this patient did warn me that once I post my story, I may get positive comments & yet I may get negative comments from people on here & he does not want to go to a counselor because he feels he does no wrong.

I am not going by myself, what's the purpose of a one-sided when I was told the counselor will tell me you can't change nobody but yourself & why should I arrange my life so I don't have my husband blow up like an out of control volcano. But I did say I would mention what caused this argument.

Well 2 weeks ago when I left work, I stopped off at the gas station to fill up my car before I went to my Mom's to pick up my son, well this other woman started to argue with me saying she got there first at the tank & I had to go in & get the manager & she handled it very well.

Well later that night when my husband called me, he asked me how my day was & I laughed & I told him oh wait till you hear about my incident at the pumps, well out of the blue, he starts yelling & ranting at me & he called the manager of the gas station where I got my gas a c**t, there's that terrible word again, & he said that c**t should have called the cops, that c**t works for you, & all I said to him was I am getting fed up with you using that terrible word & he never used the C word till he became an OTR trucker.

Well he says to me in a yelling angry voice then don't call me with your F***ing problems (WTF), I said to him hey, you called me & he has many times called me at work complaining of his fleet manager & I listened & tried to calm him, so then he heard my son, his son too, laughing & giggling in the background over a tv show & my husband says to me doesn't he ever shut up, every time I call, he's never quiet (WTF).

I said he's 20 months old, he said I don't care, can't he be quiet for once in a while, I told him he's having a fun time watching a show, he says you know what I don;t wanna hear it, I am tired of this, I am done, I have had it.

For Mother's Day, I did not get no phone call, but only a brief text message saying Happy Mother's Day to me & he usually sent my Mom a wish, nothing. Both my Mom & my co-workers said
he either has a woman or he did have one & feels guilty & is blaming you.

This has been going on for 2 weeks now & I did make a phone call to him & I said to him this has been going on too long, we need to talk, he hung up on me. Ok, I called back, in a distant different tone of voice like I am a total stranger, he asks me why are you nitpicking with me, why are you starting your s**t with me.

I blocked him from my social media since he was in it because I felt why have him in it if he's not going to treat me like I am his wife, well he leaves a voicemail on my phone yelling, screaming, ranting saying I hope you had a very nice Mother's Day but you wanna block me, well you have a great life & at work.

He called me while I was doing a patient's teeth, he did not call me on my cell phone but he went thru the boss's daughter again & she told him I can't leave the patient & talk to him, she would give me the message, he says to her oh F**K the patient, that patient can wait, & he told her he comes first, not that patient.

So we each have intercom systems in each exam room & in my room she says your highway cowboy is on the phone doing Sharia Law because I say this because he has no respect for women! A cashier that I usually talk to at the supermarket told me when my husband came into the supermarket & all because she bagged his stuff the wrong way, he yelled at her & called her a stupid C**T that should be fired.

Well the manager intervened & told him that mouth is not tolerable, well since the manager was a man, my husband backed down, he apologized to the manager since he was a man, but not to the female cashier, she told me WTH is wrong with these truck drivers, what are the male drivers a man's man that they only esteem the men & us women are submissive sub standards.

Well the cashier said she did not put up with it, she told my husband to remember that he came out of a C**T, & the manager did not reprimand her for that.

Now I have no clue why he's acting this way, like I said, I treat him good, but I have been told that men get these jobs because the road is an ocean & all the women out here are the fish, no the saying, there's plenty of fish in the sea, but even if he's not cheating, still things will never be the same because the next time he comes home, I may be afraid to have sex with him for fear of a disease.

I have heard a man can have a sexual disease, but be a carrier meaning his partner will break out with the disease & show symptoms but he won't, & even if you do not have intercourse, you can still get a sexual disease doing oral sex , my boss's wife suggested me using a dental dam if I perform oral sex on my husband!

Now I am getting counseled by both my Mom & my co-workers to get a damn divorce from him & I told them it won't be that easy because my husband can say he wants a divorce & do things but I can't because he's the man & I am the woman & I am afraid of these other deviant truck driver friends that he is consorting with that seem to be his mentors or guides.

If they should have deliveries in my city & have a layover, my husband can give them my address or my Mom's address if he gets jilted. I did not want him to be a truck driver but since he went thru 2 jobs, several people told him to do trucking because that is a steady job, you will never get laid off or get fired & you will make a boatload of money (yeah right, each & every week he's only clearing $300 a week because he is solo, he used to be team but he has went thru 4 team drivers that left him because of his nasty personality & his mouth).

And when he was home for home time about 6 months ago, I was sick as a dog & my Mom had my son at her place so he would not get sick, but I was on antibiotics & I had the chills, throwing up, etc. Well my husband wanted me to walk around stark a** naked & wanted to see my boobs bounce around since I am busty & I told him I have the chills & I am sick, well that night he got up in the middle of the night because his sleep schedule is messed up being over the road.

Well I got woken up by clicking of his phone when he was watching tv, well he comes back to bed, & starts to try to take off my nightgown & I tightened my arm to my chest thinking he would know I was not in the mood, he did it harder & I could hear some of the nightgown ripping so he could get to my breast & then he starts saying oh man look at those t**s (slang word for a woman's breast) & telling me he was dreaming of my breasts all along.

I told him I did not plan on me getting sick & it was not my fault that I happened to get sick around the time for his home time. And what I found very rude, here I am feeling like I am dying from my sick condition & he was waking me up several times a night at all hours & making sure he got what he wanted & then he wanted to know why was I groggy, unreal.

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Jul 22, 2016
by: Anonymous

Please leave this man. There isn't anything good in the situation you are in. Please think of your child and your future.

You are in a very dangerous situation, his distain for you and your son is troubling. His disrespect and lack of compassion are signs he is headed down a road that has little or no hope for a relationship with anyone at all.

I wish you the best and hope you and your son are safe and happy. Let your son laugh and enjoy the world he is to young for the stress of this relationship. In the future he may want to meet this sperm donor but hold that off as long as you can.

Stand strong.

May 19, 2016
get out as soon as you can NEW
by: Anonymous

Really sorry you have gone through this. However, this guy is really bad news. His disrespect for you and for so many others gives me the sense that this is just how he is, rather than one or a few of these incidents resulting from his having had a particularly low moment. His disdain for your child-- his son-- is both bewildering and unconscionable, too.

Once again, this is a very tough situation you're describing but you should surely get out of that marriage and if need be, either move away or get some sort of restraining order from a court.

Good luck

May 19, 2016
your married to a piece of shit NEW
by: NJ Trucker

I am a truck driver, five years now. I have three children two being daughters. I would never speak to my wife, my daughters or any women for that matter that way. Him talking of his baby boy like that? I cherish my son and love to hear his laugh. Its the only thing that keeps me going at times. Hes not making any money because his dispatch is probally a woman and he is disrespectful to her as well so she gives him all the crappy loads or none at all. He most likely spends alot of time in the truck stops spending what money he does have on all the lot lizards. Get rid of him, keep him away from your son. Do a personnal favor for me please. Tell him next time he comes through jersey to stop at any of the truck stops on 295 and talk to any woman that way and see how quick his ass gets owned by the woman her self or a stranger that is male who cares and respects woman. Shit, maybe ill get lucky enough to run into him myself. New Jersey Truckers, we are a breed of our own. Most truckers in the rest of the country refuse to come here. Theres a reason.... Im sorry you married a piece of Shit. Thats what he is. He apologized to the manager at the grocery store because the manager intimidated him. Shit, if he saw me and what i look like he would piss his pants as soon as i spoke to him. There are millions of good men out there that would love that little boy as there own. Be patient, you will find him and if not, write me back. I have great single friends. Good luck to you and your son and send that asshole my regaurds. Come see us in NJ you little bitch. Let me catch you yelling at a woman like that. Youll be in ten different trash bags up and down the turnpike before midnight. Hope to see you. You should be ashamed of yourself. So should your parents. Or who ever had a part in raising you. Spend a little more time looking over your shoulder. Carma is a bitch and so are you. Little bitch ha ha. Guys like you are the reason why i work out everyday and dont drink or smoke. To own little bitches like you. Believe me, theres alot of us that feel the same way about guys like you. Your luck will run out eventually and youll meet one of us.

May 11, 2016
wow NEW
by: Anonymous

Wow! Go to counseling for yourself not him. Then get out! He was like this before you met him. It just sat dormant longer. It takes a good 3 - 8 years to know if you have a monster or not. Women please take your time when choosing a mate. If you can't contain yourself because of not wanting to be alone, that is an issue to begin with. Get help! Move forward!

I have been with an otr driver for 26 years. I waited 10 years before I said yes. We both had children fron previous relationships. We vowed not to have anymore. We have not and we are happy. He is the same person I met and acts the same even after driving for 26 years. This is how I know what I am talking about.

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