Missing him, but our lives truck on!

by Dara Zambrano
(Jamestown, Tennessee)

The love of my life! My Trucker

The love of my life! My Trucker

It all started 5 years ago when we relocated from Key Biscayne Florida where my husband was a half owner of a family owned restaurant. We had built a custom log home on 10 acres in Jamestown Tennessee as a vacation get away. Well do to the flop of the economy we soled our property in Florida and moved up to Tennessee full time.

Well it didn't take long to figure out there was no way to make a living here so one day my husband said "Hunny I am going to be a trucker". I thought for sure he was kidding well he wasn't a month later he was in school. It's been hard we have always been together everyday since we were married in 2001.

I miss him everyday not to mention the challenges of doing all the things he always did. After almost five years of talking on the phone there really most days is nothing to say but, "i love and miss you and be safe" We truly have always enjoyed each others company were best friends never fight and bicked.

We have traveled Africa, Australia and several other countries not to mention most of the USA and now I stay home and he goes.

He's out on the road at least 6 weeks at a time, when all is going well out there things are good and the money is great, when things are bad out there it can get bad truck breakdowns are the worst so expensive!! You can loose months worth of financial progress in one breakdown.

The best part is when he comes home, it can be challenging at times though, because for long period s of time you get acustom to doing things your way then all of a sudden someone else is "butting in" and of course he has every right to.

Know one thing these men and women make a great sacrfice in the job they do to provide for their families and move all of our needs and wants across this country.

One wish I do have is that non professional drives have more respect for these big rigs and stop make the road so dangerous for my husband and other families husbands, dads and moms.

I love and miss him everyday.

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