Mind Excercises Will Boost Your Creativity

Mind exercises like the ones below, are some of the things that you can do to get your mind thinking at the next level. That should put you on solid ground to start creating wealth. These activities exercises your mind in varies ways. All you have to do then is develop a plan of steps to make the big picture you now see clearly of your future a reality. Apply yourself, keeping the rewards in mind for ongoing motivation. Surround yourself with an environment that is compatible with your intended course of travel. That could mean the Bible, your friends and or family or positive audio or video materials. There are also mind exercises cd's available you can listen to. Anything to keep the right positive thoughts going that will keep you strong on your journey to financial freedom and happiness.

This is important because, as you well know life throws curves, unexpected challenges (though predictable, we know they WILL occur)and obstacles to face that will blurry our focus, disintegrate our faith, minimize our determination and cause us to question our objectives and our ability to achieve them. You and I being humans, need assistance to face such predictable moments. This is when that positive environment provides the you with the support to keep it moving forward.

Note: Please notice how easy it is to manage that environment as a truck driver.)

Here Are Some Things That Exercises Your Mind

Travel - Go as far as you can. If its only out of the hood to the local museum do that. If you can really travel out of state, cross country, out of the country, then you should.

Visit the seven wonders of the world, go to the Grand Canyon. Even if you only drive across country stopping here or there to talk to people in other parts of your country, you will began to wake up dormant parts of your brain. Now you can live a trucker's life for a while to get out and explore while your get your mind right. Don't try to figure out what you should be doing to make it a mind exercise.

Enjoy yourself, don't worry your mind is getting the exercise every time your surprised by a response. Every time you see something amazing, something beautiful, and especially when you see something unimaginable. I think the power of travel is underrated and years to come you will see news stories of some fool spending a million dollar on research to tell you what I just did.

You could do this as a break from school or a break from your environment. If you find this particularly interesting then you might enjoy life as a trucker. Get paid while you travel. (Obviously you won't be able to check out every place at will, the timing on your loads make the difference. You explore where the loads take you! It adds an extra level of adventure than planning a trip to a particular place). You can create wealth living a trucker's life. Here's how to do it.

If a truckers life is not for you then continue reading to see the other things that will help boost your creative side of thinking and position you for prosperity no matter what career you pursue.

Learn a Computer Programming Language - computer programming not only offers the obvious benefit of learning the language, it forces you to think in ways you don't commonly think. This is caused when learning programming because of the nature of programming. If I were you, I would learn Php, Ajax,Ruby Rails, Python, Java or some other language related to web development or software creation. If you love playing games then learn a gaming language.

I really can't explain it to you. I can tell you this. After learning a programming languages you will never be the same. You will see solutions to problems that seem elementary and common sense to you, yet others will sit there and ponder over it like its a mystery.

The downside is your mind may become so active at night that you wake up and can't go back to sleep because of the number of ideas for different solutions to problems, ideas for businesses, etc. You might think I am joking but I am not. If you are in the position to take a programming language do it. You might as well learn language used in web development, software development or gaming. (Did I say that already?) If computers are not your serious interest don't worry, you don't have to take a full curriculum.

If computers do interest you then you are in a very good sector of business to create wealth. Programmers and software developers are positioned perfectly for creating wealth simply because they can take their knowledge and skills in programming, and apply it in so many ways to address the needs of people (or businesses) and create something new to fulfill those needs.

That money would give them the ability to diversify with real estate, antique cars, collectibles, (did I say real estate?)etc.

Reading - Whether its or hard cover classics like these. . .

Or digital products like this one about unleashing the power of your mind. These materials will give a nice foundation for creating wealth from ideas that enter your mind. Creating wealth from everyday items is possible when you are able to think in a way that applies your creativity. Basically if you think of something that someone else hasn't but everyone could use then you could create wealth effortlessly just like you can as a truck driver.

Writing - Seems unlikely I know but, when you write, I think it sparks some new energy in your brain. In my opinion the benefits from writing is far beyond having a piece paper with your thoughts in print. In any case.

This is what I learned. When you write down your goals and how you plan to achieve them or the steps you need to make to achieve them, it creates a new awareness of the things you need to do that you might have not thought about. It also gives you a physical plan that serves as a course of action which makes it more likely that you follow through with your intentions. Plus, checking off those things as they are completed makes it feeling the progress more real and the goal more tangible.

So you get your mind working at another level plus you gain a planned course of action. If you don't exactly know what you want to do yet and you are just trying to exercise your mind, that's fine. You will still benefit from this exercise.

Just write down all your creative ideas. (Don't try to figure out if they make sense or not. Just write them out.) Review them later when you get writer's block and alter them as you see fit so that they make sense. These are exercises for the purpose of elevating your mind to think at the next level with the thought of applying it to creating wealth. Since this is the case, write about things that are related to creating wealth(or could potentially create wealth).

Remember you are supposed to be reading about creating wealth right? So now write about what your reading about. You'll discover that this will deepen your understanding of what you read and also help you with the ability to convey messages.

(This is always useful even if only used in relationship building).

Salesmanship Training- Go and sell Kirby vacuum cleaners for a week or two or sell cars for a little while. Lol or instead of going through all that you could just check your local community colleges and see if they offer classes for a person wanting to become a salesman.

Doesn't matter if you really want to be a salesman or not these are exercises for your mind remember? You will learn that life requires you to be a salesman. You are alway selling. You are selling yourself when you apply for a job. Even when you are trying to get a date you are selling yourself. A class like this is far more than a mind exercise, it is a skill that you will use until you die.

Listen, take these things seriously if you are serious about creating wealth. I took the time to write this because it is important and it can change your life. Had I read something like this 20 years ago, right now I would be in Tahiti surfing. Well, maybe not surfing but I would be on the beach!

Trust me, you will improve your mind power and creativity by engaging the activities I have mention on this page. In any case I am interested in what your thoughts is on this, do you think I am crazy or on to something?


Do you feel that these suggestions will enhance the way that you think?

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