Men will be men, truckers will be truckers

by lee

Hi to all my ladies out there i would just like to take the time out to Say Thank you to all those strong heart women who stick by and cherish their husbands no matter what they go through and especially being in the trucking industry.

Just hopefully you do it in a way that Jesus sees fit......... but anyway. I can say that i have tried and failed just like many other things in my life.

See one problem is i don't like bullies or for anyone to be taken advantage of unless they continue to allow it. but just in case some people don't know that they're being made a fool of or used i like to bring it to their attention.

Most trucking companies are like that. they are liars and don't care about your family or their drivers and don't appreciate hard work.

Most men in the industry of trucking are either there to get away from their children and wives or are getting a divorce or heading in that direction. most don't respect women or themselves and most of the women in the industry don't respect the men....... most women in the trucking that i have encountered are either gay or bi and don't like men.

they carry an attitude that i am a women i can do a man's job and it's just really awkward when your a woman be a woman don't do it to prove a point.... who cares ? now been a wife of a truck now for over a year almost and it is not the best especially if you already have issues with your spouse. Their truck is their man cave and you are just in their way.

When i was 6 months pregnant with our first child this year to be exact i couldn't ride after 6 months which was ok. but when my husband got a call from me to hear that our baby had passed away his job was so upset when he would not come in to work..... we were in two different states. they begged him to work even though our first born baby was lifeless and i was full term... my husband wasn't happy and neither was i. however he did what was right and we had no money so a friend had to pay for him a flight to fly at the hospital to were i was.

His job was still not understanding when he got back and most companies don't pay well unless you go long distance not only to say they brought my husband an electronic cigarette to keep him on the road so that he wouldn't come home to me and he chose that over his pregnant wife with our first born and his job....... he thought he was doing the right thing by constantly working and them constantly not caring not letting him come home.

He feels horrible now supposedly because he misses our baby and knows he made a mistake. any couple that plans on spending life together please i beg you Pray to God (Jehovah) first and foremost before you make a decision for a trucking job that doesn't care and just see you as a creature and your husband as a paycheck.

i know i didn't go into much example but trucking is not really good for anyone. unless you constantly want to put up with liars and a man that just wants you there for pleasure. or you like to travel and deal with all sorts of people. but to all my ladies God bless and keep your head up to support your trucking husbands.

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