Marrying my trucker next week.

by Tina

On the road with my soul mate.

On the road with my soul mate.

As I am starting my life with my trucker, I have told myself to be patient and try not to worry so much. I hate when he is gone and I want so much to be by his side.

I work as a care provider for kids with disabilities so that keeps me pretty busy and I also am an artist.

Staying positive and being happy is essential. If you are not confident with yourself and have nothing to do with your time, not only are you going to stress out and feel terrible but it will add stress on him when he is on the road.

I want my fiance to feel like all is well at home even when I am sobbing into my pillow because I miss him so much.

When my fiance comes home, I spoil him. He gets regular massages, warm home cooked meals and lots of attention. I probably have an advantage since my son is grown and out and his children are with their mom. But as a wife it is your duty to take care of him in every way.

Remember he is out there working for your lives.
But I think in any marriage you cannot be selfish. You need to give of yourself and care for your man.

I care for my body and the way I look when he comes home. No man wants to come home to a woman who looks like a slob or does not take care of herself physically.

When he comes home I want him to feel my love for him. I want him to think of what he has back home. So next week I marry my soul mate trucker and I cant wait for our journey in life.

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