married to trucker since the beginning

by becky
(United States)

I been with my husband 5 years. He was already a driver when we hooked up.we found each other on Facebook after 20 years.we went to h.s. together. At first I only saw him once a month and I was sad and cried often. But I started getting use to it.

After getting married he comes home 2x a month for 2 days.we adore each other. we talk on the phone all the time. i'm always positive with him which helps him out there.

i never bring up my problems when hes having a rough day.i save that for when hes done driving. hes got enough to worry about out there. yes its lonely but remember it worse for them. We have plenty of places to go keep busy.

I go to gym after work and walk my dog. i go to church. We have complete trust and faith in each other and god. I handle all the bills so he doesn't have to worry about that stuff. We share our money.

Like any marriage you have to be a team whether your home or not. If you can't get along while there gone you wont when there home. We always make plans the night before hes home whether were gonna go hang out alone or go catch up with his friends. which your needs to do. You'll always have him at night in bed with you.

Anyways were lucky to have each other. And when i'm off of work for holidays I go with him.

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