Married. Living single

by sherry
(Appalachian mtns )

Been a truckers wife for 28 years!! never been easy. Oh! Did I mention I have in-laws-from hell!

I was and still am a preachers daughter, so short of him cheating on me I have no reason to divorce. I do go to church and that is probably the only reason I'm still sane, prayers and a great family of my own who have helped me all the way,make it somewhat tolerable.

I have two children A 27 yr old daughter and 25yr old son who has Cerebral palsy, Its not ever been easy.(repeated I know, but so true) I also helped raise four of his nephews and one niece.

Staying busy with all the kids and keeping house has probably kept me from having an affair of my own, which I never did, was tempted to and even ask out by more than a few men who knew my situation. I have stayed true.

Thru mostly downs and a few ups I truly try to tell women that are interested in truck drivers to please analyze your relationship, if its not real, run in the other direction.

Unless your truly in love and ready to go with him all of the time. Its close quarters in the cab of a truck and no privacy anywhere else, so I would just say, just think about it before you do.

Easy to get married, harder to Divorce. DO SOME THINKING, good luck to you all!

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