Low wages lead to frustration and becoming owner operator

by Trisha Brown
(Sacramento, CA)

I used to hear that money does not buy happiness and I couldn't have argued more. I thought money made life easier. Man was I wrong.
I married later in life at the age of 29 and brought 2 boys to my marriage trumping his one boy he brought. He became unemployed for 14 months- man was that tough!

He decided to become a truck driver, I could not be more happy. He trained and started driving as a company driver. Six months of horribly low paychecks passed (the average was $350/week), and I told him it wasn't worth not having him at home for that little money.

He decided to become an owner operator. Since leasing his truck, he is bringing home the bacon. Leasing a truck is highly recommended. He not has 1 employee and business is going good. It is highly recommended.

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