loving my trucker <3

by Nikki

My man just started driving. He worked for 13 years in construction as a drywall taper. He was laid off for almost a year before he went to trucking school.

Since I met him he has said he would like to drive trucks. We have a plan that we came up with together. He plans to get his over the road hours and experience by driving long haul for a year. Then he will start putting apps in for a local driver so he can be home every day.

I think its a good experience for him to learn to do his job well and for life experience, he has so many stories to tell us when he gets home:) We love hearing it all so much! We miss each other all the time but it is the greatest feeling in the world for both of us when we get to be back in each others arms after weeks of missing each other.

I work during the week. We have a teen daughter who I spend all my time with and we are always off doing stuff together during weekends. And when he's home we celebrate and have nothing but good times.

I want him to always feel our appreciation for him and all he does for his family. We went in this as a strong family unit and we will remain solid. He is our man and we have nothing but love and respect always.

I just got off the phone with him and feeling so heart happy :)

To all ladies who are having a tough time with this, I really hope you can find your happiness within and stay strong for your family and yourself.

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