loving him till the end!

I'm a wife of a trucker driver/owner operator. I fully support him and He fully supports me. Sure I get lonesome sometimes with him being gone for so long but I always think of the explosion on his return which makes it more then just something to look forward to. The fact that I use to drive trucks helps a lot as far as understanding the pressures of being a driver . ladies lets keep in mind if he's your husband he is out there making your lifestyle possible. I love my husband with no digress!!!! He's my best friend and confidant. When I know he's on his way home it's like awaiting the arrival of my knight and shining armor! if your a needy woman who needs consistent supervision then being with a trucker isn't for you. I have my job as a freight broker ( he's number one)to assist with the happenings of him and with our financial income..... Again I love my husband and will always support him in whatever he decides.

AD #1 FAN !!!!

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