Love Hate Relationship...So it works perfectly

by Ti
(Illinois )

My fiance and I have been together for about 13 years. He's been a trucker for about 8 years. It's great when he's gone because I miss the shit out of him but when he is home for 3 days straight, by the end of the third day, I'm ready for that nice "break".. I love him to death and whole heartedly.

My likes of his career include:
*breaks from each other (keeps me missing him and excited when he comes home)
*the pay
*him being able to take long road trips and driving the whole way
*I admire him because I know I personally couldn't do it
*him knowing faster routes and not panicking when we get lost
*his knowledge of the laws and roads

* him not getting enough rest.
*constantly worrying about accidents
* him not being around for important gatherings
* him not helping raise our 2 preteen girls and being a male role model and our dog
* him not seeing and appreciating what I do (I also work a full time physical job)
* him not seeing the stress I deal with on a daily
* I feel alone
* I master bate a lot.. haha
*him being influenced by other truckers (politically,blah blah, etc)

I could go on and on.. but our dog is crying and I need to clean house before he gets home tomorrow!

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Sep 30, 2016
Its not broken
by: Hervy

Ti that was a fun read. Thanks for sharing with us. Seems like you are making it work so it doesn't need fixing.

It does seem like some good ole additional career and life coaching could help him be more resistance to outside influence.

Could also help you find it easier dealing with stress!

That is what "Escape the CB - Taking Trucking to the Next Level" CD is all about.

It's a career and personal development CD I created for truckers and wives available on Amazon for $15.

But you can get mp3 download here for promotional price of 0.99! (Just do me a favor and review it on Amazon after you listen to it.)

Escape the CB - Taking Trucking Life to the Next Level

Tip: you can download this and burn it to CD, then give it to him to listen to. Don't tell him it has anything to do with personal development unless he is into that type of thing. It is also entertaining so he will listen to it.

If he will listen, he will benefit from it. But if you say it is something to learn from, lol....some people won't even listen to it.

So, you know him, I don't. You have to judge in that regard.

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