Love came back and the road took him...

by Jamie

A few years ago, I met my boyfriend, and we hit it off like no one else's business. We both knew we were so right for each other.

Well, soon after, with one shot in bed, he got me pregnant. ONE SINGLE TRY!!! When I had told him the news, being young and free, he backed off, and stayed away for quite some time.

Scared? Maybe...but nonetheless, it broke my heart. Destroyed me! I thank God I had 2 children from a previous relationship to keep my head on my shoulders.

Anyway, knowing that I would probably never see my love ever again, I still chose to raise the child we created. Pregnancy with this one was pretty hard being a single mom with a crippling back condition, but I never backed away. I had the baby, and figuring his father wasn't going to be in the picture, I gave the child the same last name as his brother and sister to avoid confusion.

Baby was perfectly normal, healthy, and such a blessing. But one thing was missing: a father figure.

Now, by this time, my heart had mostly healed except for the fact that my newborn was probably never going to meet the other side of his family.

Instead of heartache, I developed extreme anger and hatred. I wanted revenge. Just a few days before his first birthday, I signed on to facebook during one of his naps, and I received an instant message from his father!

I felt as if all of my anger and hatred disappeared immediately in hopes that he would want to meet his handsome little man. Sure enough, he set up for a meeting the following day, and it was as if a huge weight was lifted off my back. Nothing could have ruined my day!!

The visit really went better than I was hoping. Amazing, one would say. It was as if he had never left in the first place! My heart melted when I saw the tears in his eyes when he laid eyes on his son for the first time, and I just knew, he couldn't leave again. And he hasn't.

Months went by with us being with each other every possible moment, me, him, and ALL my kids, having fun, taking a trip to Florida, etc.

Things were going great. THEN-he decided to put his class A license to good use and get a job OTR. One company hired him, and now he has this really messed up schedule and never knows when he's going to get a chance to come home. I don't mind, though, since my father was a trucker, I am kinda used to it.

My biggest problem is the lonliness and parenting solo. I know he is faithful to me and I to him, so there are no worries of him leaving again. But I don't know too many people around where I am living, and would appreciate a friend or two(or more) who goes through the same stuff I do.

The home and car repairs are nothing to me since I am a do-it-yourself kinda woman anyway. So all I need is a little more of a social life. My kids are GREAT but there's only so much I can talk about with them being so young.

So, there's my story! :)

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