Love Being a Truckers Wife

by Charity

My life as a truckers wife hasnt been easy at all but I would not trade it for anything. We have 3 boys and our oldest is now 11 and he is a big daddys boy and he acts out when dad isnt home and trying to raise all 3 of them is hard as our oldest acts out.

Our middle child is 8 and is kind of slow when it comes to learning and understanding things and our youngest just turned a year and also seems like he is going to be a daddys boy.

Then there is me who loves my trucker to death but him being gone is hard and it gets lonely. When I hear his semi my heart jumps and we all come running out but when things get hard at home I look in the faces of our children and think he is doing this for them to give them a better life to give all of us a better life.

If he can sacrifice seeing parts of their live then we can sacrifice some too. Yes he see them through video chat every night and we talk for hours while he is away. I feel like the phone is glued to my ear but I don't tell him how much it hurts when he is gone.

I just call my sister and talk or cry to her then I pick myself up and start taking care of the house and bills again because I don't want him to worry about anything when he is home our house is full of good times and smiles and laughs while he is here but when he leaves there is a dullness for about a day or two and then routine settles in.

It is not a life that everyone can handle. You have to be a mom and dad when you are a truckers wife and have kids and you have to be able to handle lonely nights for days in a row and be ok with only holding a phone.

I love the man i fell in love with. We have been through a lot together he wasn't always a trucker but it seems that he will be a trucker for the rest of his life and im ok with that

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