Lot Lizards aren't the problem!

by Kat

My husband has had 2 affairs. Not with the skanks at the truck stops but with people at his work.

One was an office worker. Of course she "liked" him, she saw his pay check! This one was about 10 years ago. She didn't get him because he finally realized he what she really wanted.

The next "thang" was the gal at the guard shack. Oh, she was something! She was all of 27 years old, with 2 kids from 2 different guys but she was "cute". She "understood" him. She needed some major dental work too! Uh-huh. My husband was pushing 40 at this time.

I found all this out about 5 years ago when I asked my husband what was going on. He confessed to having the first affair and then told me he was involved with little miss thang and didn't know what he wanted.

I made that easy, I filed for divorce! My husband is an over the road driver so keeping tabs on him is not easy but a woman knows, we get that gut feeling.

My husband didn't leave me because he KNEW I had him by the balls. I did, and I was going to get what I deserved from him including spousal support. We had all 3 kids living at home at the time and needless to say, child support was coming my way too.

Somehow he convinced me to stop the divorce and "try" again. I did for the sake of my kids. I didn't want them going through all this and I sacrificed myself for them

Oh yeah, little Miss Thang found another stooge, got him to divorce his wife and leave her and their 6 kids behind. Little Miss Thang stayed married to idiot man for all of 1 year! She spent the money then got upset because he didn't have time for her and didn't like that he had to pay child support.

Idiot man went crawling back to his wife and begged her to take him back which he got told NO WAY! HAHAHAHA
This stooge now has diabetes, type 2, and is living in his company truck, broke, and alone.

My own husband, another idiot man, still looks I think. We only have 1 kid living at home and he graduates in less than 2 years. I get out then! My idiot has type 2 diabetes now and finding some young hot chick ain't gonna be so easy because things "below" never worked too well in the first place, but they really don't work now!

The money from our house will be split and I am going after spousal support. Our kids can't stand him, he never had time for us. He made sure as soon as they graduated from high school that they left. Nice guy huh?

Anyways, don't worry about the lot skanks, there are enough skanks at work and cashiers at the truck stops that the men can chase after. Not all do, but there are some idiot men that think a Little Miss Thang is a good thing until they realize the cost.

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Apr 05, 2012


Aug 09, 2010
Still Afraid After He Cheated
by: Never At Ease

We have been married less than 25 years. Before my husband became a truck driver he worked at a factory. Little did I know he was cheating on me, with a women who was married and had children of her own. I found out by his pager and how he was talking on the phone with her.
I knew for a long time, we probably weren't married for more than 4 years. I confronted him but as always it was "There is noone else but you." Sound familiar.
Around our anniversary in the late teens, told me he had something to tell me I knew it was finally comming out. He said you don't seem very mad. I said I knew for a long time. I was hurt and sick to my stomach everytime you were late coming home. He told me only some touching happened, but to this day I have a hard time trusting him. I know more than that happened.
Now as a trucker's wife, he turned back to porn and dirty mags. On his own, I DO worry about LOT LIZARDS and OTHER WOMEN DRIVERS, I don't want him to come home and give me their diseases, just because he can't take his marriage vows seriously.

Apr 11, 2010
lots lizards not the only threat
by: jenna

nope the lot lizards aren't the problem....watch out for single female truck drivers....they will have your hubby before you know it...check his phone every time he comes home if there is a number that he calls alot or calls him alot and he gets a lot of text msg from check it out.....don't mean to be rude to the female truck drivers out there not messing with married men..I got a problem with the ones who do....and the men are just as quilty as the female truck driver...

Nov 20, 2009
Really! Seriously!?
by: Anonymous

Does it really help to share your disfunction with the millions on the internet and admit what a failure you have been in life?

Nov 20, 2009
I'm mystified.
by: Jimmy

I can never figure out why a guy who is married with kids, would leave his wife to marry another woman, with kids. And then, make more kids. I do know that some woman will get pregnant to "save" a marriage, thinking that having another kid will straighten out hubby. Jimmy

Nov 20, 2009
by: Anonymous

I have to agree..try and not become bitter. Life is a beautiful gift. Dont let bitterness cloud your view of it.

You may not believe this, but not all men are like that.

The road is not the defining factor in whether a man will be honorable or not. Its that man, or woman for that matter, soul that tells them what is right and what is wrong.

I hope that you can find a way to get out of the house often, find something out there that is joyful for you. Volunteer somewhere, join a club or group. Find something that will give you a bit of a bright spot in your day.

Dont let bitterness take you down. I saw it take my grandmother down, she never could let go of it and she died alone, angry and bitter. There was no joy in her life at all.

After 13 yrs with a cheating man myself, he was not a trucker, i found myself becoming that bitter woman. I went out and MADE myself find joy again. Something to look forward to and be happy about.

My health improved, my relationship with myself improved.

Dont become a bitter woman. You know what your life is now, go out and make t what you want it to be. Life is too short for anything less.

Nov 20, 2009
Relationships not what they used to be
by: Hervy

Wow, hate to hear your going through so much drama Kat. It's got to be a frustrating situation. Keep your head up. Hopefully everyone will get their what they deserves by the time this is all over.

Sounds like your already headed for the number spot out of this ugly situation, the only things now is to not let all that wrong doing done to you make you become bitter or depressed.

Relationships are definitely very tricky nowadays. With the general public so desensitized about having affairs and so forth. It's hard to be surprised of what one person will put another through.

We all will have to resort to hiring a private investigator and a psychologist before we get serious with someone pretty soon if things don't change!

Don't know what it will take for people to realize the grass only appears greener because it's in a new pasture.

He saw bright green but he missed the weeds, and rough terrain. The soil depleted of minerals.

And he missed the vultures circling over that green looking pasture waiting for the carcasses of animals that dropped dead from grazing on the poisonous plants that grew within the pretty green pasture.

One day he awakened standing right in the middle of the pasture,

full of the greenery,but tired of the feast,
dying from withing, gazing outside the fence.

Now with a better view of the pasture from whence he came.

Wishing. Wanting. Longing.Woulda, coulda,shoulda stayed put.

The luster of the pasture from whence he came seems like a perfect painting with vivid colors under bright sunshine.

But it's too late to return....

Besides, maybe the pasture is now greener because what made it dull is no longer there.

I guess things work out in the end.

Hope things work out, Hervy

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