Lonely in Wisconsin

by Seashadow

My husband has been driving for 3 months. I have no girl friends, only guy friends. I can't hang out with the guys a whole lot; cause my husband gets jealous.

I'm just so lonely; I would like someone to just talk to...anyone. We have no children either, so...just me by myself. My husband is gone 1-2 weeks at a time and gets to come home for 1-2 days.

I've tried to make girl friends, but all they do is look at me and don't even want to associate with me. It's like they have their mind made up, about me, before I can even say "hi". I must look disgusting or something.

I have plenty of hobbies to keep me busy, but, that doesn't help me with the "human interaction" lacking in my life. The only human association I have is work related, and when my husband calls me to talk. That really isn't 100% fun. Don’t get me wrong, I love talking to my husband, but sometimes I want other people and have fun.

I don’t know how I can stay happily married to a truck driver if this is all I have to look forward to every day. I just wished it was ok to hang out with the friends I do have; even if they are guys. I would be much happier.

What do you guys suggest?

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Aug 26, 2012
I hope we could talk NEW
by: RomanticMike95

Hello,My name is Mike.I'm from Salem Wisconsin.I'm 6'4"tall I have a medium build hazel eyes blonde hair.RomanticMike95 is my yahoo id if you would like.

Jul 26, 2012
Barbara NEW
by: Helonwheels

Read my post below. One of the items below should fit you no matter how small a county is there has to be a church somewhere even if you don't like church there are people in it to meet and can offer some help. No excuses get down to it before you become ill. God Bless

Helonwheels :)

Jul 25, 2012
Lonely truckers wife too NEW
by: barbara

I live in a small county, am not from here. Have only 1 female friend I do not see very much. I get so lonely. My husband , the truck driver comes in off the road. Eats some , drinks and goes to bed. We don t hardly talk anymore, go anywhere togheter. He doesn t even hug me hardly at all anymore.
I feel like I am single, but married.
Hard way to live, I don t know what to do anymore either. I don t like being alone at night. Been years of this.
I pray things get better for you.
I have been giving up lately because I am so alone and get so lonely.

Jul 17, 2012
hang in there NEW
by: Anonymous

If you need someone to talk to, that's a trucker's wife too, I'll be a friend to you.

Jul 16, 2012
Hmmmm NEW
by: Helonwheels

I am sorry that the women you have met are reacting the way they do when they meet you. This doesn't sound natural? Women are raised to be nurturer's and to us it shouldn't be about the way someone looks but whats inside, normally? It just doesn't sound normal for every woman you met to reject you, there must be something else involved here? Either you are leaving something out or you are going to the wrong places to meet women friends for bonding purposes? You will have to decide which it is, so a person can understand more of what your talking about. I am puzzled??

Having men friends are Okay and your husband is correct about hanging out with them while he is away, you must put the shoe on your foot, do you want him hanging out with other women when you are away or not around?

In the meantime I can offer up some better places to meet women so you can have the chance at finding better people to associate with:

1.) Online chat rooms for women only!!! They cannot see you, so there will be no risk of them seeing your appearance!(if this is the real issue)

2.) Volunteer at a local homeless shelter or battered women's shelter. (a female there is in need of your kindness)

3.) Join a church if you like religion. (some churches don't require a person to be decked out unless you want to)

4.) Become a Den Mother for the Girl Scouts.

5.) Find a local support group so you can work on whatever you feel that is holding you back from bonding with women and work on self esteem issues.

To stay caged up at home will only disappoint you which can cause some resentments to build up and this could possibly lead to depression.

Get the support you need and keep strong, things usually get better with time.

God Bless You! :)

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