Lonely in Lima Ohio

by stephanie reed
(lima oh united states)

the times we spend together are amazing when hes home he makes me forget about the fact that hes leaving in 2 days if i sit down and think about i realize were together 8 days a month. and it sux ive been told you'll get used to it and i guess in time i will but right now i just miss him so much while hes gone.

we have a 2 yr old little girl that i sometimes feel like im raising on my own but he doesn't understand when i say shes a handful and why would he he only sees her a few days a month.

i love him more then anything and that makes things a whole lot easier i couldn't imagine my life without him in it.

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Dec 08, 2015
by: kelly

hi, its nice to finally come acrossed someone from ohio. i live in coshocton ohio. my fiance is a trucker and he is usally gone for 3 weeks to a month at a time. we dont have any children but we do have a baby named paris ( our pitt/ beagle mix) . he has been otr for a year and a half,but i was out with him for a year. i had my feel of being in the truck so now i stay home. we just moved to coshocton a couple months ago. i am not working right now but i am looking for work. its a small town and theres not a lot to do to get out and meet people and make friends, so mostly i just stay in the house. we are starting our life all over again and we are renting a basement space from friends. its olny 2 rooms but ive made it into a studio apt type thing. its really nice and cozy. i have been trying new things to take up my time like reupholestering my loveseat and redoing tables and such. its does help but in the end i am very lonely. my family and frinds live about 3 hrs away. i live with friends but they are home bodies and dont have any friends for me to meet. this is a hard life as it is but having no job, no kids, and no friends makes it almost unbearable for me. i do love when hes home. i just miss him

May 17, 2011
Hang in There!
by: Anonymous

I know how u feel i have 4 toddlers. 5,4,3,2 thats their ages. Something that has helped my husband to be more understanding is I text him pictures off & on of the children and messes they've made. But also once in awhile when my husband is home he keeps all 4 children and lets me have a couple hours alone. He says man after 2 hours i'm just ready for you to be back i cant imagine all week let alone almost all month. It does get easier but its still hard. I talk with my husband often through out the day and i explain why I feel the way I feel and he helps me work through whatever it is on the phone. Complete open communication is a good key! Something that helps me is do fun things that the children enjoy even if you'd rather not. Giving them attention keeps them out of alot of trouble and also helps them feel loved where after so long they wont care if you go do your own thing. I know its different in each home and I hope & pray that it will get better for you. If it helps its been a a year & a month since my husband went OTR and today I especially struggled watching him leave. I have my days! Been then there are days that its ok.. Hang in there!!

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