Local vs Over The Road Trucking

Many times a driver hears the word local driving job and automatically assumes that it is more desirable than any over the road driving position.  More experienced drivers know that this is not necessarily true but if it's time for you to get off the road, any local driving job looks good.

The main thing is that you will be home much more often.  Usually every  night.

This video talks about looking at your big picture to decide whether to go local or stay over the road.

Here are some things to consider which will vary from job to job, trucking company to trucking company.

Just remember that some local trucking jobs start very early in the morning and end whenever you finish.  Some require you to be available on the weekends and some don't.  (Ex. many food service trucks deliver on the weekend)

Many local trucking jobs has multiple stops all day long.  This is no big deal for most experienced drivers.  If you don't like the idea of doing this though it's a question that you must ask.

Many local trucking jobs will require the driver to unload the freight and take it into the customers place of business.

  • Early Rise For Work
  • Drivers Load and/or Unload
  • Available For Weekends
  • Over all decrease in pay

When Might It Make Sense To Go Local From Over The Road

Of course this is just a general list of why drivers sometimes want to leave from over the road to drive local.  Think about your overall situation.  Does it still make sense to stay over the road.  Maybe just finding a better trucking company will change the situation for you.  Or maybe you think it's time for a total overhaul.

  • Pay has been greatly reduced since regulations
  • The separations causing family issues at home
  • You have other ambitions that you want to pursue at home
  • Health concerns that require you to be near your doctor
  • New responsibilities that require your attention at home
  • A super local trucking job waiting for you

Types of Trucking Jobs

Getting Experience

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