Livin on the Edge.

by Mrs D
(North West)

My Husband and I have been Together since we were 12.
He Started driving truck about 8-9 years ago?? it just seem like forever already, and yet in a way, im STILL not use to it.

Im lucky, my husband is home on the weekends. that's not to say all weekend or Every weekend. but the majority of the time he Leaves Monday, and is home on Saturday. sometimes, like now, he's gone for 2 or more weeks at a time. and if it wasn't for phones i don't know what id do!

We have a 2 year old daughter, and i send him photos and take videos of her all the time so he doesn't miss out on everything. we video chat, and mostly talk when he's bored.

Ive Been on the Road Before with him, and sometimes i would think "there is NO WAY i could do this job!" He Loves Truckin tho! I, however will stick to Tattoos. :P

Being on the Road is a Lonely Place, you don't get to see your family, you get yelled at and have to deal with incompetent drivers, have to do lots of paperwork, take care of their truck, load, unload, throw straps, throw tarps, etc.. in Horrible Wind storms, Blistering Heat, Heavy rain, and in the Freezing Cold, then Drive for LONG periods of time WITHOUT falling asleep. eat nothing but "$#!t" food and let their bodies slowly deteriorate in a small box. Some drivers cant even leave that box to go to the bathroom!

And Most truckers my husband has talked to and worked with, have lost their families and Wives to Trucking.

Ive even seen "Good" Truckin wifes Crumble after years of living like this.

Its because of this life, that I Live my life like a 1940s house wife.(WHICH happens to be my favorite Era! =D)
The Day he Comes Home... I make SURE that the Baby and I Don't Look like a Mess!, the house is Clean and one of his Favorite Homemade Dinners is hot and Ready for him when he steps out of the shower.

After putting the baby down for the night, he Has a Drink while i massage whatever body part is Ailing him at the moment,(hands, Arms, Feet, Bum, Ect. every once in a while he requires a full body massage.) and we talk about everything in the week, things we want to do that weekend, and i share with him the Videos and Pictures i didn't get to send.

I Have been guilty of "unloading" on him the moment he walks thru the door. but what can you expect... im not perfect!lol im basically a "Single" Mom Holdin down the Fort.

But i Do get to work when i want! until my daughters old enough to go to school, then I Go Back To Work full time, at which time my husband Is Suppose to look for a truckin job that will have him home every night. (regardless of pay.) but who knows, life may change and we may end up needing the money.

Its hard being the only one to take care of everyone and everything. But My Husband is Worth Every little bit of it and more!

I bend over backwards for him because he works So Hard for his Family.

WE never go without, and he knows that family Comes First.(his Dispatch sometimes Asks ME if He can go on Long Runs.)

He is a Hard Worker, so i must Mirror that productiveness at home.
but that's just Me.

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Jan 29, 2012
Wow! NEW
by: Anonymous

You sound like me...kinda. My husband & I haven't been together since we were 12, but we have 2 girls(toddlers), & I do the same things for mine as you do yours, I'm just starting back to school (because of him in a way. Tattoos and all.... :)It's cool to see other moms on here with kids my age. Makes me feel better knowing that there is out there who gets it & understands what I go through. Women who haven't had OTR husbands don't understand when I try to talk them about I usually don't bother & just keep my thoughts/feelings to myself.

Quick question...Does your husband have a fridge/microwave? Mine does...we had to buy an inverter to power the microwave (a lovely $200), but now I can cook for him so he has healthy options & doesn't have to eat junk all the time (not too mention it's cheaper for me to cook for him & he gets all his fav. home cooked foods while on the road).

Jan 04, 2012
Getting emotional NEW
by: Anonymous

I am totally new to this - i have not seen my husband for two months ... all of a suddent he call me to meet him at some rest area Cuz he cant
take the trainor guy w him no more.
I am strong person- working and dealing w his kids and my kids and listen to him complaining.
I try to make it special-- now that he is home
but his ego gets the best of him. He try to micro manage things now that he is back once already been handled by me.
I feel neglected and unappreciated, and cry often alone.
I not sure our marriage will survive !May I add i spend all my savings on him starting his new career and since he still in that training period i have to send him money for food??!!!!

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