Life at home while he gone

by Mo

I am so proud of my husband. We are 8 months new to this life style and I completely understand the sacrifices he is making by being out there.

The hardest part for me is being a stay at home mom and always having to be on. There is no break from mommy mode. We are not making enough for us to do anything but really sit at home so my days are long and hard with fighting kids and no escape. And when he comes home its double time.

Everyone wants his time and attention and he just wants to relax. We spend three days with him every 14 days and during that time I am trying to be everything he needs, the adoring wife, doing his laundry, helping him get ready for the next two weeks he is out.

When I do try to talk to him and explain what how i am feeling and what I'm going through he takes it personal like he is the reason and he wants to fix it.

There is nothing to fix I just want to talk with my best friend about my day just like he talks to me about his. The only difference is I don't have interesting stories about my day other than the kids fought, we went to the grocery store, "HEY BABE WE HIT THE LIBRARY TODAY!!!"

Not very interesting compared to "babe this country side is beautiful I wish you could see it" or " you should of seen the sun rise this morning" or "the waitress was telling me about her son and blah blah blah".

As soon as the word waitress is spoken my jealousy mode kicks in and I don't hear any thing after that.

Enough ranting for now. I do love my trucker and I am blessed to have such a wonderful man and I know we need time to find the right balance to overcome the struggles of the job.

I have faith in him and I have faith in us!

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