Life as a TRUE Trucker's Wife

by Brandy S
(Park City, KS)

I am not only the wife of a trucker, I'm the daughter, granddaughter, niece, and daughter-in-law. To make this dedication is a life choice.

You have to be the mommy and daddy, maintain a home, go to work, school, live a normal life. Its literally like being a single MARRIED mother.

There are ups and downs, good and bads, but you learn to take each day in stride. You cherish each and everyday you have together. You look forward to him coming home and cry after he leaves.

Never forget to tell him how much you love him each and everyday. And you need to remember, its just as hard on you and it is on him, well actually its harder on him. Where you have friends and family, your children and daily activities to keep you occupied, he has no one but the cold road and occasional truck stop.

Don't plan activities for when he is home, just let him be home. Don't demand a honey do list, just let him enjoy his family. And so what if he misses a holiday, its just a day, celebrate when he is home.

These are lessons I had to learn growing up, and lessons I'm still struggling with today. I miss my husband so very much and its hard raising to babies by myself, but i have to remind myself everyday that im not alone. I'm not doing this by myself. I have him.

He hauls my heart across America and everyday I love him more. There is a song by Tim McGraw called "I'm Workin". Its about a trucker. And its my favorite song. You want to know my life, and my struggles, words will never express my pain and emotions.

Next time your around a trucker, ask them. I'm sure they wil gladly talk with you. Until then, you will never know!

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