life as a trucker's wife

OK I'm a soon to be a truckie wife in a couple of months and let me tell its is really hard being one.

i have a 11 month old girl that misses her daddyy so much we hardly hear from him unless i called him and she get upset its really hard for me to live like this.

some ppl are lucky they get to see the man wheras truckies wives or to be wives. i only get to see him once a fortnight and sometimes its only for a couple of hours it really isn't a life for a little girl who love him so much and miss him more then he could think of.

my little girl which is only 11 just about 1 year old misses him that much. every time i put my phone down and walk out into the kitchen or the bathroom she straight to the phone calling her father its soo cute but it is really sad when he doesn't answer the phone she then becomes really upset and it makes the rest of my day hard but he doesnt understand on what she felling.

she goes looking for him every morning and evening all around the house and out side calling daddy. it is cute but sad. plus it is hard on us wife use to having him home all the time and now gone in this big empty house all alone wondering if they going to come home safe.

trying to manged with all of the bill raising a child i really cant do this all by my self i need help ...... i don't mind him being a truck driver and all i ask is for him to be home more often and also look forward on talking to me every night.

that all i ask for in life

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