life as a truckers wife is hard

by Becky
(Little Falls, MN)

my oldest son, Tyler, has a trucker as a dad. Tyler is 15, and when i was 8 months pregnant, I realized his father was moving on to someone else.

He, to this day, is still a trucker. I met my husband, Scott, who is also a trucker 12 years ago. We have been married for 10 years, and we have a son, Trevor, who is 7.

I love my husband dearly. Sometimes, to get through the week, I drink.

Tonight, he told me that maybe I have a problem. I don't want to risk our relationship, but I know how hard his week is, but mine is equally straining.

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Jul 04, 2010
I'm Sorry And I Will Be Praying For You
by: Anonymous

I’m sorry that you have been going through a rough time. The best thing you can do is to pray. Instead of drinking ask GOD for peace in your life and in your thoughts... I know It’s hard my sister but God has not forgotten about you > You just have to trust him. Pray for peace that passing all understanding. Then and only then will you have peace. Saint wants you to feel defeated but you’re not. Your stronger then you realize. And GOD LOves You So!!!Very much He made you.. He sees you and all that you are going through. Read PSALMS 91... Then watch God work. Saint can’t control you but he can influence your thoughts and you can’t allow him to make you feel helpless, Because your’ not, and he knows that…. Because you’re GOD”s child, his creation... It’s hard to trust when you have had someone take advantage of your trust... So I know how you feel...But you have Got to stay positive for your son and your self…LOVE you and God does too…Keep smiling no matter what..

May 31, 2010
get around positive people
by: Hervy

Hi Becky,

We all here know how tough it is to be a truckers wife. I was wondering if you have sit down and told him how hard it is only you. No in a complaining or nagging way in a calm conversational (I need your support) type of way.

Let him know how he can help you feel better about being a truckers wife. You know deal with the distance, etc.

You also seem to need the company of positive people who will give you good advice and support with what you are going through.

With the stress and troubles drinking is definitely not smart because it can just keep escalating and of course it only matters worse.
Especially since what your doing is self medicating with alcohol to deal with or not deal with real issues. Those issues are not disappearing so when will the medication (alcohol) stop? NEVER. Do you want that? Do you want to end up being an alcoholic? I don't think so, you seem to be a nice, smart young lady. Put the bottle down while it's still easy.

What's more if he has already told you, your drinking might be a problem, it is a problem to the relationship.

Please talk to him about how you need to handle the distance and time apart better.

Enroll in school to take up free time productively.

Get counseling if you need to, if you don't want to talk to him. And don't take offense but a 12 step program would be good to go through whether your an alcoholic or not because of what you will learn. It will help you to avoid becoming an alcoholic and encourage you to deal with your issues in more productive ways so you get the results the will keep your life improving instead of risking what you have.

Hope you take the advice.

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