life as a truckers wife is an emotional trip

by Dottie

Being the wife of a trucker is very emotional. He is gone most of the time and when he is home he wants things done his way. I take care of things at home then he comes in and wants to change my whole routine. It makes it hard on me and our child. Next I know of at least two times he has cheated. We cleared the air started again but you can never forget the betrayal. I stay at home keep things going here and give him no reason what so ever to go else where. He lives a double life. The one at home and the one on the road. He has women "friends" he only talks too. If your not married to one ladies dont do it. You will not be happy.

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Nov 27, 2009
Emotional trip for an truckers wife
by: Hervy

Hello Dottie,
Hate that your going through so much as a truckers wife. Life as a trucker's wife is already stressful enough when everything with the relationship is going well under the separation situation to have the additional strain from past unfaithfulness has got to be a serious challenge.

I think you need to make a big deal about a meeting between the 2 of you with phones off and no distraction where you sit down and discuss the relationship.

I mean, your really going to have to stand up because it sounds he is a bit self centered and he will walk over you as long as you let him.

Let him know how you feel about him and your relationship and your desire to make it work.
Just be real about what your feeling and what needs to be done to make things work.

If he cares about the relationship, there is no way he should be dealing with other women on a regular after being unfaithful. That's not being considerate at all for your emotions after him being unfaithful. Any good counselor would point that out.

Which could be part of your suggestion for keeping the relationship or making it better. If he would agree to counseling you could wait for the counselor to tell him he should cut out contact with other women if you feel uncomfortable saying it to him.

If he blows up at your suggestions instead of agreeing to do what you suggest to keep the relationship strong, I hate to tell you that its a bad sign.

You need to seek counsel yourself if that's the case because being in that situation is not healthy especially if there is nothing done to address it.

Jennifer and the other ladies here will also give you good advice so stick around and thanks for posting. I hope things work out for the better for you.

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