Life as a rollercoster

by Sally

I've been a truckers wife for almost 3 years now. My son is almost 4 so he was just over one when my husband started. I have a stepson who is 9 who doesn't live with us full time.

At times I feel so overwhelmed. I do only have one child most of the time that lives with me and I am a stay at home mom. It's hard though to raise a child alone no matter how many.

It's hard to not have that special person in your life come home everyday to you. I love being married and having someone there everyday. Or I did. For my husband we had a rocky marriage and this saved us a little.

He's a loner so for the most part he's okay with being away from us. A truck driver usually has to be that way. He is of course he misses his kids and me. I miss him so much and so do the boys. My son loves his daddy and I try to always talk about him everyday. So he's never out of our lives.

We talk on the phone everyday and the one positive is we always miss each other. He still gets sick of me since I am a talker and quite annoying lol. I'd be glad to be away too. I love how I get excited to see him every month.

I had been lucky for the last almost 4 months he was doing something different was home on weekends compared to being gone 30 days he used to be. He will be returning to over the road with his company after our family vacation in May.

I am enjoying every moment with him. I cherished our extra time together and more consistent. I miss him everyday and love him more then ever. It's a hard life.

I do enjoy being alone sometimes. I read books and do what I want there are a lot of positives to this life but I'd give it up in a second to have him home everyday. But that's not an option this is the job he went to school for to get out of his old job he didn't like and was very unhappy with this job he's somewhat more happy with. It pays decent he does this for us.

It is what it is I have to make the best of this life and enjoy my little boy see family and live when he's not here, but not forget that he's my husband and I will see him every month.

It's about quality not quantity. I cherish every hug and every kiss and every moment I see him with our little boy.

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Apr 14, 2013
by: Sara

Hi Sally,My husband is an OTR driver.I had him home last month for three weeks.The first 2 weeks was good. He had some problems with the other company he worked for. I know what you mean when you say it saved your marriage. He's fine short term. Im not saying you and I are the same I just want to describe my marriage.

While my husbands home for a 2 days off he appreciates me and our three year old son more. We're happy when he's home it's nice being a family but if he's home long period he gets bored and resentful thinking I just want him home all the time and dominates the house.

Anyways, I rather he be happy and not accusing me of wanting him home all the time.He couldn't be further from the truth my son and I don't have to force some one to love us.

I can let go and still love.I'm not a manipulative and he can't convince me other wise. Having a family is a blessing I give thanks for Gods companion ship and insight .

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