Lets call it a low down good for nothing cheating man

by Tired
(Dallas, Texas)

The man I married is a cry baby. He crys all the time. Whenever he gets caught cheating he starts crying and saying that he is going to take his life. Which is just a way to get me to take him back after the other woman has drained his pocket and his pride; then he comes crawling back to me for me to fix him and the way he feels about himself.

For one I have always felt sorry for him because he claims to be the black sheep of his family. But I am simply tired and I just dont have any more to give. Its been 10 years of my life cleaning and picking him up when he falls or discover that the pastures are greener on the other side only to find out they are not.

Then reality hits when the woman drops him. I can always tell when he has been dumped because my phone starts ring off the hook and he always sorry and Oh!!!my God he's always crying and because I dont want to see him down I clean him back up.

Just to have him try and dump all over me again. Isn't It funny that the very woman that sooth his trouble mind become the very person that he trys to tear down and dump all over.

I have always tried to build him up and he only seems to want to tear me down every chance he gets... and Oh yeah he is a TRUCK DRIVER A VERY CONFUSED TRUCK DRIVER.. HE KEEPS GIVING HIS MONEY AWAY TO THIS WOMAN AND THAT WOMAN... Only to be dumped by every woman that he has every cheated with.

Maybe they realize that he is just too much work and move on. I'm not sure. However I am glad that I found this site because It gives me a chance to say what I want to say because my family is tired of hearing all the fairy tales of how he is going to change and do better.

I feel that it's funny that I found this site because I was just telling a friend that we need to start a site for Trucker Wives because GUESS WHAT? Her husband is a truck driver too. But the funny thing about her husband is that every time he finds a new job he leaves her and when he loose his job he comes crawling back home.
.. WoW!!!

the Life of a Trucker Wife...I sometimes feel that my husband is looking for a mother and not a wife. I feel like I have 5 kids and not 4 with him around ... I need a break from all this crying and pure silliness.

I'm not one of those people who can turn my back when I see a person down and I think he takes advantage of my kindness.

Tired of the tears and the wimpy man...

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Jul 05, 2010
enough is enough already
by: Anonymous

why do you stay. you are setting a terrible example for you kids if boys then you are telling them it is ok to cheat. For the girls your saying to be a doormat. i can see trying to work it out once but wow you need to be the one who works on your self esteem cause my dear you don't deserve and nor does anyone to be used and cheated upon.

What if he brings home a disease and gives it to you where will your children be then i pray you will find the strength to say enough is enough move on there are men that will respect you but only when you respect yourself.

God bless

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