Late nights, early nights, and first dates

by Tay

We all know how our men usually never come home on the day they say they are. But would you guess that mine is coming home early today!!

He was supposed to arrive late Friday/early Saturday. But he will be here late tonight (Thursday) or early tomorrow (Friday). Go figure! I had to memorialize that with a post cause idk if it will ever happen again lol?

This weekend is very important to us because this is our first weekend together since he asked for us to commit.

We mutually decided to do this with the intentions of long term. (I made it very clear to him that was my intention from the beginning lol.

Sometimes I think we have to knock men over the head for them to realize how good what's right in front of their face is lol). But idc, he's realized it now and better late than never lol.

This weekend, I am meeting his mother for the first time and I'm also going to church with him Sunday. I'm so nervous, so say a little prayer for me. But I'll let you guys know how it went.

This is the first weekend I had to "prepare" for him coming home to me. Got mani/pedi, booked hotel, hair is done, fridge full, etc. I love it! By nature I'm a nurturer and I like to "take care", but it's like getting ready for a first date. The butterflies and making sure everything is perfect for him. Not to mention, I know the sex will be great after not seeing him for two weeks.

In conclusion, neither of us have kids so we don't have some of the same responsibilities, but stay positive ladies and focus on the good of our men being gone instead of the bad. Every time he comes home try to view it as a "first date" and make everything perfect for him.

His comfort and happiness at home makes me feel so good. Relish in those moments he comes home early or on time cause they don't happen often. Finally, and as always, love and care for him over the phone even more than you would if he was home.

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