Ladies How Would You Handle This Situation?

by Alisha - Standing Firm as New Truckers Wife
(Virginia )

I'm A New OTR Truckers Wife We Have Been Married 1 Year And Together Two.. I Can Honestly Say This Is Difficult.

He Spent Weeks Training With Alliance And Left Today To Go To Cali To Drop. I Cried I Won't Lie. But I Didn't Cry In Front Of Him. I Pulled Out Of The Depo Where I Dropped Him Off Got Out Of Sight Then Cried.

I Wanted Him To See Me Strong So He Wouldn't Worry Even If I Felt Like I Just Left The Best Part Of Myself There..

Came Home.. Now I Am Sitting Here Looking Around Wondering What Next?... That Is The Issue...We Have No Kids, We Wanted To Wait til We Sure We Can Provide For Them And Us..

I Am A House wife My Day Wraps Around My Husband And He's Not Here So There's a Big Gap I Am Open To Positive Advice And Suggestions.
And No I Don't Worry About Him Cheating On Me And He Knows I'm Loyal

So Ladies Help Me Out For A New Truckers Wife With No Kids And Very Little Money Since It Went To Getting Him Threw School How Would You Handle This Situation?


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Jul 16, 2018
Get Involved and out of the house NEW
by: Misty From Hicksville, NC

I totally agree with Ice_Mistic.. Find something to do to occupy your time. It's ok to miss him. After 15 years, I still miss my husband very much. But as I stated in my story, I got involved with my community. Now That I have three children, they help keep me busy. It can work You just have to choose to make it work.

Oct 11, 2016
this is what I would do
by: Ice_Mystic

Find your self a job. Get involved with the community, do Charity work, take up a hobby, knit preemie hats, anything. Keep busy, find ways that are inexpensive to do some self development.

Sitting around all day with no other interests but your husband is going to get lonely, and will lead to all sorts of crazy thoughts.

So my advice would be fill your day with all sorts of interesting things you can share with your driver when you talk on the phone or when he gets home time.

That way he is not worried about you, and you won't be worried about him being on the road. Good Luck...

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