Kinda New To This

by Jayne Kettles

I have been dating my lovely partner John for eight months now and love that man to bits hes a long distance trucker who only gets home every second weekend .We are both in our 50s and have children from.previous relationships Im divorced and Johns wife died 4 years ago my children are all away from.home now John stil has 2 at home although they are 19yrs old and 30yrs old so independent .Im not going to pretend its easy being in a relationship with someone I only see 6 days a month but I love him and its something Im willing to live with to be with him While he is away John phones me several times a day and we have long chats and plan what we will be doing when he gets home .Often the chats are about his work stresses and I try to be as supportive as possible for him or it can just be about what we have been doing that day .The weekend he is due to come home I do a food shop for him to take away with him that way I know he is eating properly and also.put a few treats in for him .I do the shopping before he comes home so that we are not using up our time together having to go to supermarket .I really miss him.when hes away but our time together more than makes up for it .Having been in long term.relationships before I know only too well how things can turn stale especially if other issues in relationship but when John comes home it feels like were meeting again for the first time and I do think long term this might be a good thing and lets face it truckers wifes/partners arent the only women not seeing their partners every night servicemens wifes dont see their partners sometimes for months so maybe Ive got it reasonably easy time will tell but right now Im thinking for the love of a good man its all worth it

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