Just starting out.........and already nervous!

by Gena
(St.Joseph Mo.)

My husband and i have been married almost 3 yrs. just last month he said he wanted a divorce because we have nothing in common, well to make that part short we ended up back together and now he left last saturday the CDL classes.

This is something he's been talking about doing for awhile now and we're both happy that he is finally doing it..... BUT its going to take 4months before everything is said and done.

He said that he can come home every once in awhile but the more i think about the more nervous i get. I been reading a lot of the stories on here while a lot of them are good and has great advice there are also a lot of bad ones saying their husbands has online relationships and cheats on them.

We already had a spat about getting a divorce but now I have to worry about this as well. Now i'm not saying he has or would cheat on me BUT... after all that we been through it make a person wonder.

I hope this time apart will bring us closer together not further apart because i love my husband with all my heart. If there's anyone out there that has some up lifting words and related feeling feel free to post.Thank you:-)

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Oct 10, 2012
Know how you feel!
by: TNewton

My Husband comes from a family of truckers, he has been a diesel mechanic for 16 years, and now has ventured out to obtain his CDL. I am not worried about the cheating, but I know this is a BIG issue for alot of Truckers Wives.

The hardest part for me is raising the kids and keeping the house going alone, my parents are gone and his an hour away, so I have NO help what so ever. I am nervous about him going out OTR simply because I will be completely and utterly alone. But my husband has taught me over the last 5 years how to be strong, and I have always been an Independent and Confident person, but still its nice to have that feeling of safety when my husband is home...

If you feel like cheating is an issue talk to him, tell him your fears, unless he has anger issues, he should be able to discuss this and yall work out these issues together.

IF ALL ELSE FAILS, I know one wife who has completely bugged her hubbys truck with cameras and microphones, But to me that seems like your asking to either get hurt, or start a BIG fight.

The best thing is to have trust. And a smart phone with a Spouse tracker! LOL! YES they have an APP for that! Good Luck, Be Strong, and even if you have to pull it out like pulling teeth communicate with your spouse, Become best friends again.

That is what keeps us going, My husband is my best friend, my confidant, and we have NO secrets!!!

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