just missing his smile and touch

by Lavenia

Well been with my trucker for 4yrs now he use to be home every week now he's out for 3weeks at a time. He started driving flat bed trucks and the company now tells him he may even have to stay out longer.

Not sure if i am going to be able to handle this. I love him so much but i get so lonely for him and sometime we get into it over the phone and then we don't know what to say to each other, all i know is i tired of being alone all the time since we don't have kids between us and the kids i have are grown i find myself down and depressed a lot and don't want to do anything.

any advise on how to deal with this.

Thanks, L.W.

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Apr 13, 2011
i understand
by: JULS

I have been with my trucker for a little over a year, and it doesn't get any easier... but if you keep busy and productive it helps.

My friends say to me "don't you miss him...isn't it hard". My answer is if i spent my days missing him I would not be living...I'd waste my days away being sad and lonely.

My boyfriend is a great guy with stellar character he is very sweet and expresses to me how blessed he feels in our relationship, he is very thoughtful. I try to be thoughtful too, cute texts, photos.

I feed him well when he is home we stay in if he is tired, I try to just be supportive of him and in return he is very supportive of me as well.... we are both committed to being kind and thoughtful.

I understand the length of time between visits, my guy is out for 6-12 weeks at a time and home for about a week. We make it count and we talk alot!

God Bless. juls

Apr 06, 2011
Missing him.

I am brand new to this life, living with a trucker, but I can't help thing about the military wives who have a much longer time of separation along with the lack of communication and risks that are involved. I think as trucker wives we have it easy, hell what did they do before cell phones?!!

My advice would be to never get into it with him over the phone. You know that he is working and doing the best he can in these hard times. Praise him for his hard work and pamper him when he is home. Mine eats, sleeps and watches westerns when he has been home! LOL

P.S. Get a dog!! One that snores works!! LOL

Apr 05, 2011
all alone
by: Anonymous

I can relate however, I am just beginning into a relationship now for about 8 months. I am 51 yrs of age and have been alone for many years. I had been married and divorced and now here I am alone.

I am finding myself questioning this relationship all the time the lack of being able to share a bed with someone you love. and I am wondering if his being gone creates his meeting other women though limited a swift flirt of the heart because they also must be lonely.

I have to find in my heart I suppose a way to deal with this. I do not know how other women feel...they must be busy with kids and activities keeping them too busy and tire to worry about it.

I keep thinking he will find a flirty girl and think about her and return to see her on his passing thru days/nights...then end up dropping me while I have been loyal and devoted!!!???

Sh-- I need counseling!

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