Just beginning

by ashley
(brownwood tx)

We are still a fresh couple...granted we have 2 babies together n he has a stepson now, but we are the same way.

We have been together for 3 years now and all he has ever talked about was how he just had to drive! (He was literally raised on a big rig! home school n all.) so I did what any crazy wife would do...pay for his cdl...(he stayed at home with the kids at first) well about a yr. goes by and nothing!

He is just 21 in October. everywhere he called had raised their age level or told him no because he didn't go to a school and he didn't have the proper training!

Well obviously he knows what he is doing if he went straight to the DMV and passed it his first try...anyways, after awhile he tried CR England, it was awful, the recruiter told him he would have orientation then put with a trainer to make sure he qualified as a driver, then go on the road....

What they didn't tell him was that he had to go to their school, pay $3,000, along with fees and extra!

Thankfully he decided to come home on that one! Now he is with CRST. They have been up front from the beginning...He absolutely loves it...

While he was in school, (it had no hidden fees, and he went just so he could get out there since he had no verifiable OTR experience) he said that his instructors were "cool" because (for all the people that have never even been around a big truck, that are just getting their CDLs) they break it down for them that way they can understand every bit.

I told him that was good. The only thing he didn't like about it was while everyone else was testing he had to sit outside and wait....

I told him he should have waited to get his CDL then he wouldn't be outside...anyways the point is if you are a new driver just starting out, pay close attention, ask them well what do I have to pay and Do I have to go to school?

Some companies have it to where it is mandatory now before they will hire you!

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