Jeff's wife

by mandie allison
(lansing,mi. usa)

I have been happily married to my husband for 17 years. We have been together for 22 years. We have 2 kids. Like every relationship ours has its ups and downs.

Don't stop talking to your husband no matter how you feel because communication is the most important part of your relationship when all we have when they are away is communication.

Sometimes it is difficult to communicate when there is stress over money or not enough alone time when they are home with each other, or something as simple as he has been away for a few weeks you have been stuck in the house and want to get away as a family and all he wants to do is rest.

Compromise so that you and he are getting what the both of you need. My husband is hot tempered and will yell at me for something or someone elses doings. I don't take it personal because I am the closest thing he has and he just needs to vent.

Sometimes I set the phone down and just let him go at it. I know that is bad of me but when I have delt with kids that are crabby all day and then your hubby calls and is crabby to and needs to vent I am simply not in the mood and have heard enough for one day.

Life is not easy by no means being married to a trucker, but for me its the only way I want to live so I do what I have to do.

I have been with my man since i was 16 and its the life I have chosen. He is a good provider for our family. A Wonderful dad when he is home and in the road.

He takes time out to hear about the kids days. He helps with punishments when need be. He also takes time to ask how my day is going and what I did for the day.

We are not a perfect couple but we are perfect for each other. Also remember just because they are on the road away they don't understand what you are doing or going though.

My hubby don't see a quarter of what I do when he is away from home because I stop everything when he gets home just so we can be together.

It is important to talk and listen to each other. It is also OK to fight every now and again. We are not supper women but are expected to be most of the time living the life as a truckers wife or girlfriend. We are strong independent women yes but we were not always this way. We have learned over time to become this way.

The choice is ours and no one but us will ever understand what we go through and how we live. Don't let other people that don't live the same type of life you do to influence how and what you should think or feel because from the outside looking in it looks like something that is not what it is.

Also don't let social media come between you. Our men get board on the road and will do stupid things just for amusement for themselves this does not mean they cheat.

It simply means they are board and need entertainment and if it means posting something stupid on a social website for there entertainment then let it roll off your back. But at the same time talk to him on how it makes you feel,so he knows.

Yes I love going in the truck with my husband because we get together time but now that we have a 13&4 year old kids this is almost impossible for me to do these days.

Some day I will be able to go back on the road more often with him. We both wish we could be together more. It is no different than me taking vacations with the kids and him not going because he has to work to provide us with the life we have.

For all you new truckers wives my advice is be patient, understanding, persistent, and don't take most things to heart.

After all these years this is still hard for me to do. good luck with the life you have chosen.

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