Its pretty unpredictable

by DaMizzuz
(Sioux Falls, SD)

I've been Married to my Husband for a year & a half, However we have been together for 5 years prior to our marriage.

Ive always been told that I'm a very well put together person & goal orientated.
I always had a place for everything And time set out for this & that I knew how long tasks would take exactly right on the nose.

When i met my husband, & came to find out what he did for a living, (He was a local driver) I felt as long as he was happy at what he does, then that's all that counts.

After we had gotten married, shortly later he decided to change jobs, from being a local driver to becoming an over the road driver.

It was stressful at first, I felt very isolated, but I also felt that as long as he has a job that's all that counts. Jobs don't come that easy to people who have disabilities, No job experience and because of the economy.

He has 15 years under his belt, however he was born deaf...Him & his twin brother did get the help that they needed with the help of hearing aids.

Everyone says we have the perfect marriage & we are the perfect couple. Because of his job being over the road it leaves me with enough time to have a lot freedom. Which is great but at the same time its very lonely.

Its great to not have to share the remote control & to sleep in the middle of the bed. The negatives are I feel we are missing out on a lot of fun events & together time.

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