It's hard but distance can make the heart fonder

by Jess

Being a truckers wife is hard. I stuggle to keep the house up kept and take care of our children. The hardest part is not being able to plan a night out.

I'm able to find a babysitter and then he would call and say he's not making it back. The worse part is he normally misses our children's birthday let alone them growing up.

My life is difficult and can be scary at times but you have to remember a truckers life is harder. He misses so much while he's on the road. The most rewarding experience we get from him driving truck is when he shows up home and the children run to him yelling daddy because they miss him.

Within that short time home are very rewarding. A truckers wife has to be strong especially if they have children together. When the driver has to leave and go back on the road the children can get emotional and the truckers wife has to comfort them whiles gone.

The wife ends up attending funerals and family functions with out them. Then they go home to be strong for the children without a strong shoulder for them to lean on.

It's may be a hard life but very rewarding when you see your husband come into the house and smile at me and our children and we spend our quality time together before he has to leave again.

Distance will make the heart fonder and that I'd does for me at least.

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