It Sucks to be a Truckers Wife

by Carol Cox
(Loco, Oklahoma)

Hi everyone, I just want to say I'm a 60 year old Newlywed one year to an over-the-road trucker.

I was not or should I say I did not have any clue about what his job was about except it he got a truck and drive everyday. I did not realize that he would be gone for days and days at a time.

I left my job, my children, my grandchildren and my elderly parents to get married. I dearly love my husband but I cannot stand his job. It is tearing us apart .

We fight on the phone and I feel like he doesn't appreciate me like he did in the beginning and I don't know what to do I have become very depressed because

I'm here by myself. I have no friends no family here and I'm 3 hours from my friends and family. When he gets in his truck he's on the road for 3 days and comes home for 1 night then gone again.

I know that probably sounds good for all you ladies who are alone for weeks at a time but not for me. I hate his job. If he's not behind the wheel he is in a hotel room or airport .

I resent that the world sees more of my precious Husband than I do.

Advise please!!!!!

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May 31, 2018
Make The Best of Now - Plan For Later
by: Hervy

Carol I can feel your frustration through your words. I am not sure if he is owner operator or company driver cause you said he got a truck.

If he's owner operator he can get the truck paid for and then spend more time with you. Unless yall have other goals on the table requiring more money.

If he's not owner operator that can be part of the plan.

If you're not working then you might be able to ride with him. If you do work there is your first option for creating friends.

If that environment is too toxic then strike up conversation at the grocery store, mall, gym, community center, church. You never know who you'll meet!

Believe or not many people like making friends but dont speak because they assume others dont want to.

They wont replace your old family and friends but they could make a great addition.

Of course you can search online on for groups of interest near you as well. If you dont see one that you like create one.

You and husband should make a plan for changing the situation or improving it. Make sure he knows how you feel about it and brainstorm on what could be done to make it a better situation that meets the family/relationship goals.

Best of luck, Hervy.

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