It is was it is..... Guess I am one of the lucky ones...

by Betsy
(Cedar City, Utah)

The hubby has been an owner/operator and OTR trucker for 16 years. During his away time I have survived a month without water (the well went dry) 3 days without heat (the furnace blew) drunks getting stuck in our driveway (due to mud) Strange men coming down the road to our house (1/4 mile long) and a lawsuit. (which I won.) But it is what it is.

Since I am alone much of the time, his time home is special. We make the most of working together in the yard and around the house and 2-3 day camping trips.

I know this is only a temporary situation until retirement.

He is a great provider and companion.
Sorry for the ladies who have partners that stray or complain or want to have the cake and eat it too.

Guess I am one of the lucky trucker wives.
Hang in there - things will and do get better if you look at the good and fun instead of the what ifs.

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