Is this a trust issue or jealousy?

well as a over the road truckers wife i am very new, my husband has only been over the road since august. we decided to buy our own truck and lease it through another company. it was hard at first adapting to his being away from home so much but he had my whole hearted support knowing he was doing his best for our family......
then came the messeages to people on line...i got past that, then a while later it was another message letting someone online know he was in town for that weekend....okay i got past that....broken but love him so much.......
no someone from a company has invited him to join and i have found emails to and from one leaving his number but then saying thats right you already have my number....

if i say anything to him he makes it out like i am being jealous, it is not jealousy it is a lose of trust, he knows i am true to him but when he makes me feel like i am doing something wrong about feeling betrayed i don't know anymore

any advice

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Dec 11, 2009
Does she trust?
by: Jimmy

Yes, it is a trust issue. You don't trust him, for whatever reason. Maybe he contributes to your not trusting him. Maybe you never trusted him, even before him getting into trucking. One of my ex's never trusted me. The snooping never stopped. And I have snooped on ex's, because I didn't trust them.

Usually, you don't have to snoop. Their actions tell the whole story, if you read between the lines. Have you ever had a close friend that was being cheated on? You knew it, the neighbors knew it, the in-laws knew it, but your friend who was being cheated on didn't know it. That's because she didn't see what was right in front of her eyes. I once caught an ex cheating just by noticing her change in shower habits. I was wondering why she didn't take her usual shower after dinner and finally figured out that she was taking her "after dinner shower" at her lovers house before coming home. Jimmy

Dec 11, 2009
Vicious cycle
by: Jennifer S

Jealousy and lack-of-trust is a vicious cycle; and, they tend to go hand in hand.

I am sorry you are facing this. I have to ask you though- Are you sure its an affair? If its not. I think you are setting yourself square in the middle of that cycle.

It is not easy being married to a driver, and I have to admit, what you have found, has only made this harder on you.

At this point I would strongly consider counseling. If it is not possible for him- You need it. To straighten out the residual effects of what you have found, and to deal with what your next steps should be.


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