Is it worth it?

by Karina
(El paso, tx)

I met my husband when I was 13 years old
Being my best friend for years before
We started dating, we date for 5 years
Before getting married. Out of those
5 years now of marriage 3 of them I have
Feel that I'm alone. He is a truck driver
We have 2 kids 3 and 4 year old. He is paying
Now a truck and we only see him a day and half
During the week. How is it like I don't know
For other wives but for me I feel I'm alone
I feel that I carried all responsibility
At home with the kids and is hard. I often
Think I didn't sign up for this,
Their is times when I cry until I ran out of
Tears. Most people think that we have a lot of
Money true is since we got that truck
I've only seen an increased on debt
He saids that some day that truck is
Going to give him profit, I also work
And I've asked him to look for something
Else local so we can both raise our
Children and see them grow. At the end one day we are
Going to die and we are not taking anything
So I ask myself is it worth it?

We are loosing time
Memories as a family and he is missing years of his kids that are not
Coming back. I'm proud of him he is a good man a hard working husband
And an Excellent father I just don't think the sacrifice is worth it not
Mention he has diabetes and being a truck driver doesn't help his health better.

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Sep 13, 2015
unconditional love... NEW
by: Anonymous

- Survival in this society...we have to live productive and accepting our present realities...even though we are away from each doesn't effective our unconditional's love relationship...we have to find the better way to maintainable providing familly's financial support the family's living...We all have children...we all want the better for them to in within...and look deep in your soul,you will find the answer...

Aug 09, 2015
Not worth it... NEW
by: Anonymous

My husband just left for two weeks and is expected back for two days, then repeat. We have 5 kids, two dogs, and an endless list of demands, needs, responsibilities. These have now been left to me 100%!!!! I have been with my husband ten years and there has been so much pain and strife. But we also have beautiful days and he has always been here to help. I feel that his new job is the beginning to the end of us. We were in a bad place when he left, talking of separating. I feel like, "how did I get to this point", I never wanted to run a household like this all alone. I have no understanding friends around, no immediate family around. I am falling to pieces here. I feel abandoned and like a failure. I bet in a week I will feel better but every minute I am alone with 5 kids, I think, " What kind of life is this?" I want a husband who's here & more gentle & loving. Someone who laughs with you & knows what you need without saying. Now I am left with the hope of a five minute phone call. I am not too sure about this truckers wife lifestyle. I want a man around to help me & the kids & give me company! I pray I can become stronger & positive. I hope you do too. ((Hugs))

Jul 24, 2015
Have him read this. NEW
by: Anonymous

Have him read this that you have typed out for us to read. Communication is key in any relationship let alone that of a trucking family. There needs to be communication on BOTH parts. This also includes listening on both parts. Not just hearing the works spoken but actually listening. Soak it all in, both of you, and discuss it. BOTH of your feelings are valid, or at least should be, in this relationship.This life we live is hard on all of us, kids too. Unless you friends and family are also trucking families they do not "get it" and do not understand how tough it can be. We have lost friends and we have had to cut losses with some family because of the misunderstandings of how valuable our time is when he is home.

We are also high school sweethearts. We have 3 kids. We have been married 19 years and he has driven for 17 of those. We also own our own. My husband is now home more, but we do still have rough weeks where he is gone the entire week. It does seem to get easier when your kids are older.

I have been in your shoes. He used to be gone 2 and 3 weeks and only home a day or two. That was rough. We did separate for a 5 month stint. It woke both of us up. COMMUNICATION. You can talk all day with no communication.

Jul 24, 2015
by: Anonymous

Time to communicate everything you are stating here with him. You wont get your answers here you will only get them from him...js

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