Is it Monday yet?

Life is awesome when he's at work!! When he's home it sucks. Sorry to be so negetive but he's the one who made me this way!

Hubs is a hard worker and good provider and I love that about him! However hubs can also be a douche! He's grumpy, tired and stressed when he's home on the weekends. The house is never clean enough, I spent too much money, I didn't take care of the kids. Constantly yelling and putting me down. I have bit my tounge the last time!

Ummm last time I checked our kids are healthy and happy and smart and involved in all types of activies which I take them too! Yes, I may have spent $15 out for dinner once during the week but we are busy and do a lot!

I do everything at home and work full time and take care of our Kids without help. When he is home he doesn't want to do anything with the family. Just yard work or things that have to be taken care of at home.which is fine. I understand he had things he must do! But so do I!

I wish I never got married. I don't want my husband when he's home now. He had changed his asshole ways but now I just can't stand the thought of having sex with him or even being married to him. Too much damage done over the last 7 years for me! I want out but he has made me dependent on him and I can't afford to take care of myself and our kids without him financially.

One day even if it take five years from now I will be free. Hopefully we ca stay friends but husband I want not! Btw my attitude used to be so awesome and I was full of life and happiness! Now I just feel trapped!

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May 31, 2014
De ja vu NEW
by: Anonymous

You & I share the same feelings & thoughts! So you spent $15.00 out for dinner, how much has he spent on himself while home or out on the road! I, too, am exhilarated & thrilled when he leaves, I practically throw balloons out the window! You mention that your hub has changed, I, too, have noticed the same in mine. Out on the road, I truly believe it is the company they keep meaning being around other truckers that are douches as you put it lol, I love it! Plus if your hub is like mine & has douchebag truckers as friends, of course, he is going to be easily influenced & brainwashed by the others & distort their way of thinking! Also I have noticed mine has become very demanding & controlling that he now wants his sex the way he wants it & I told him he was being nasty & he blew up over it & we had a bitter fight over the phone & I have not heard from him over a week, like it matters to me! I think us wives that have douches should all get together & build a rocket ship for a one-way trip to the moon & put them all in it & ship them off eternally! To infinity & beyond! Yeah these douches don't have no idea as to how hard we work working & taking care of the kids, bills, housecleaning, grocery shopping,! Also when mine is not home my place looks like a picture from Better Homes & Garden but when he gets home time the place looks more like Worst Trashcans & Dumpsters & Landfills, he is more messier than the kids but at least my kids clean up after themselves! For the way their personality is, truck driving jobs should be for single people that have no commitments. They should make a holiday & it should be called Trucker's Wives National Holiday in honor of us! Hang in there & good luck & you now know you are not alone in this, there are other wives out there besides you & I that has the same problem!

Apr 23, 2014
trapped NEW
by: Anonymous

your words:

"I want out but he has made me dependent on him and I can't afford to take care of myself and our kids without him financially."

my words and sorry for being blunt:

"you "allowed" him to make you dependent on him."

Take responsibility for some of these mistakes...
Get done and get out and then please have a good life however you have to do it! good luck. :)

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