Is it a requirement that all OTR truck drivers need to come home for home time after awhile?

It seems as though when my husband is away over the road, both myself & the kids are very happy campers! And while my husband calls every day, he professes his love for us & he really misses us.

Now, every time he comes home for home time which is every 3-4 months, it turns into a battlefield! The slightest little thing the kids do, it upsets him & he yells & screams at them.

He even screams & says this to the kids "What is your F***ING problem while all the windows are open & all the neighbors can hear him & the kids at a screaming match & then I yell at him telling him don't you dare cuss & scream at the kids for no reason & when I tell him we need to talk, he screams at me & says I am treating him like a kid because I say we need to talk & no one please tell me to go to counseling. That won't work. He won't go and I will not go by myself!

He was home a month ago & had to come back home this time for his DOT physical & renew his license & like I said he does not want to talk things over but just sweep things under the rug but had the gall to want to be romantic & I pushed him away & he says to me I can stay mad at him forever.

Hey it's not going to ruin my Mother's Day because my sister & her kids are picking me up & my kids Sunday morning & we will be having a great day!

Then my husband says he can't wait to leave on Monday to go back on the road & I told him yeah either can me & the kids wait! My sister told me that she works with a girl that told her her brother is an OTR truck driver & he can get any woman for free so my sister told me to refrain from having sex with him for my health & safety.

She told me she told her coworker & she told her brother trucker about my husband's behavior & he told her sister, "yep, that is typical OTR trucker behavior because why should they come home, when they can get anything while out on the road & that it is a 100% guarantee he is cheating & just using me as a backup while he's home because he left his OTR bitch behind"!

Plus the phone records show he talks a lot more to other truck drivers than he does with me or the kids. He also got into a pissing contest with a neighbor that threatened him & the truck & the neighbor told him he would deck him & told him that all he is is an OTR scant chaser!

So basically if my husband stayed out & away FOREVER would be great because the kids would not derail when he's home & I would be stress free!

Is this the truck driving way, to be domineering & controlling? To me for him to scream & yell at me & the kids at the top of his lungs right by the window sounds like he wants to be the control freak!

I even told him that both me & the kids are losing our love for him! I will truthfully say that I feel instead of falling deeply in love with him, I am falling deeply in anger & resentment & by him unable to want to talk, these emotions will turn into hate! And he says what did he do, he did nothing wrong according to him!

And I am to the point that if he is cheating behind my back, so what! Now he was not like this before he did truck driving! So I would like to know can a OTR driver stay out indefinitely?

My sister has a neighbor whose husband, who is dead now, was an OTR truck driver & stayed out for 16 years before coming home to see his wife & daughter! Wow, me & the kids would really be delighted!

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Jun 18, 2015
It a personal problem, not a trucker problem NEW
by: DJGirl

I don't think the fact that your husband is a truck driver is the reason for his behavior.

His behavior is what it is. I was married to a man who was home most every night. He found time during the day to cheat. He would scream, yell etc. Just like your husband does.

My concern is you worry about him yelling the F bomb at your kids when the windows are open. How about worrying because of the kids? If you have daughters they are learning how to be treated by men. If you have sons, they are learning how to treat their future wives and kids.

You have to step up to the plate and get counseling for yourself. You logic is unrealistic and will get you no where. He needs the ultimatum of either getting counseling and changing his behavior or getting a divorce. You need to stick to it. This is emotional and verbal abuse which can be worse than physical abuse.

I am dating a trucker. I would not tolerate this kind of behavior. Tell me, if you had just met your husband say...2 months ago, would you have tolerated this?

May 24, 2015
trucker NEW
by: Adam

I would say if you want him to stay on the road 16 years before coming home it is definitely time to split. I unnderstand being a little irritable when first coming home just cause you are not used to the house system but interupting the peace of the house to where you don't want to be there and no one wants you there is crazy. I say try and come to some setup for payments on home and children and just separate. Try out of court first.And also give him a letter to read explaining everything because you can not yell back at a letter all you can do is read it.I am a trucker and love my wife and two daughters so please don't think all truckers are like this.

May 15, 2015
Glad to be getting away from this lifestyle NEW
by: Anonymous

I, too, was a trucker's wife & am so glad I divorced mine especially reading the comment from ??? Anonymous! Probably written by a fucking trucker himself or herself! My family was correct when they told me to divorce him & never look back & be around truckers & be a truckers' wife ever again! Both truckers & their wives from the several postings I have seen, they are in a separate class all by themselves & truck driver is a 11 letter word & so is scant chaser, whore chaser, etc. I am glad that I am now with a good decent man who is a police officer that deals everyday with these types & he told me he is so glad I got away from this unfortunate marriage with a trucker & fortunately I had no kids with my ex-husband. So all you wives or girlfriends out there with truckers I feel sorry for you all. I have never seen a bunch of ignorant, hurtful put down comments such as what is on this website. Now I can see why my cop husband has said plenty of times, the reason why people become OTR truckers whether male or female is to cheat on their partners & for the idiot that posted the rude comment, you are probably cheating big time & have an idiot wife or husband that is sitting home & being a good little faithful partner! Truckers are the biggest carriers of STD's!!!

May 12, 2015
????? NEW
by: Anonymous

You ound like a fucking idiot and so do ya sister and Co-worker. You should go seek help and get a divorce and if you not having sex with him don't be mad or surprised if he having it with someone else

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