In it for the long haul

(plainfield, nj)

I met my trucker online..and fell completley head over heels for its only been about three months..but he always makes it a point to spend the time with me when hes home...just recently it has hit me as to how hard this is going to be..

The last time he left for the road i burst into bad that he heard me crying and came back..comforted me and said baby I have to really hit me..this isnt going to be easy.

We talk every day..sometimes 4-5 times a weird times...but I have a handle on when he drives and when he sleeps.

Now the stakes are higher. He recently got an o/o opportunity which is great but now he has to run hard..and home base out of his parents state,which is about 8 hours from me.

I'm willing to drop everything and move to be with this man. When he comes now..i do everything a good truckers wife would do..have his favorite meals always enough home cooked food for a few days.

I find myself crying at nite because i miss him so much. I have such a new found respect for the women that marry these men and have children and families with them.

Our relationship is unconventional and definitely differs from my other gf's relationships..but..i believe in the end its worth it. Not every woman is cut out for it...but i told him i'm Michelin tough..and i'm in it for the long haul..loyalty,understanding and im looking forward to going otr with him in July!

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