I'm the wife of a trucker

by melina boyle

I love my honey! So much although I wish he spend more time with me and his kids. But he works his ass off for us.

I can't complain and say stupid and dumb things like he is cheating because,he's always calling me to see how we are. its hard to be a truckers wife sometimes Christmas or Halloween or valentines he's out in the road but I don't worry about cheating because he married me and he didn't have to could of been single already.

I worry about road conditions and weather black ice is not nice. truckers have it hard but we as wife do too. We pray every night they make it home safe.

I'm not insecure of my self I trust him very much.

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Mar 03, 2012
Trust NEW
by: Anonymous

I agree it's tough being a truckers wife. I trust my man too; although sometimes when you read all of these posts on this site, it makes me wonder just a little bit.... how lonely is he out there after 4 weeks on the road? He doesn't like me looking at this site, he thinks it puts more undue stress on me than I already have.. We were together a whopping 1.5 days in February, and when he was home he was not a happy camper for the majority of it; so perhaps 1/3 of that togetherness was pleasant.

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