Im Not Going To Be Her

by Rachel Hodges
(Sweet Home Alabama)

Yes! Voted and accounted for - me - "The Wife" of a trucker! My husband has only recently made this career move but has a family history of trucking.

Before this week gone, weekend off job came along he was a man of the boats. Two weeks gone, one week home job. So I've been "The Wife" for many years now. BTW, that is my self proclaimed title not his.

He is a great guy! Like some, they have issues! Like most, he thinks he can solve them by himself and with some of my help.

We've been going at this (& by this, i mean from beginning to present day relationship) now for 11 years off and on and married for 4 1/2 years.

The only advice I can give any woman in any to be kind hearted in the beginning, trusting throughout until otherwise proven, forgiving when necessary, and don't let your heart turn into the hurt. Steer it in the other direction!

Who knows, he might actually turn out to be a keeper!

The Wife

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