I married a truck driver in aug

by judi

Its hard to get used to him being on the road. He comes home every weekend. I was able to go with him a few times and have some mixed feelings from what I see. He has been a truck driver for 17 years.

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Nov 19, 2010
married to a trucker
by: Hervy

Well I agree with both of you...it does take faith and trust and with two people who are worthy of it, it goes a long way.

However, some people are made up where they like more space than others, and then some people would much rather have someone right beside them at all times (usage of exaggeration to illustrate a point).
So it also matters that the couple are compatible in this manner.

So that is something that each person should be aware of when getting involved especially if trucking is in the picture. Luckily there was balance and understanding where you are going on the road.

Some women aren't lucky though. I hate to see when that happens.

Judi, it sounds (not sure) if your issue may be more of the trust and faith issue. You know the nature of your man most likely so if you feel some kind of way, you probably should just sit down and have a serious discussion about things for starters.

Be sure though to look at the big picture. What type of person is he? Do you have legitimate reason do be worried or are you over reacting? Only you know your history and the type of person he is.

Let that and prayer govern your actions. If you do that I think you will be more at ease. What can't do is live in misery and become depressed, so take action and have whatever conversation you need to have to make sure you to are on the same page with the same intentions for the relationship and the same level of commitment.

Ask him what he needs, tell him what you need. If the conversation goes well put your heart in nurturing the relationship and be happy. The rest should fall in to place.

Good luck

Nov 16, 2010
been in your shoes
by: Anonymous

i too married my husband in aug of 2009. he is trucker by trade. i myself cannot handle that life and had let him know from get go. he did go back on road before we married & it split us up. i too had went with him couple times. he found local truck job till now - my son is 18. just got a call for him to go back otr but i am going with him. thats the only way i can do it. its not the trust issue with me, its the fact of him always gone. i told him if i did not want a man around i would be single. maybe you can go out on road with your husband.?.

Nov 12, 2010
Faith and Trust
by: Anonymous

Faith and trust are your allies! My husband has been a driver for over 27 yrs. and not once has he ever given me reason to doubt his faithfulness. He talks with other people all day long. It's part of the job being a trucker. I can talk with my husband anytime I need to unless he's unloading or loading or talking with his dispatcher. He's not jealous or insecure with me talking with other men/women every day. There's just that plain and simple trust. Trust in ourselves on how we conduct ourselves. And, trust in each other. If you don't have trust, nothing will work.

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