I love my TRUCKER!!!

by Trucker's Wife
(Farmersville, Tx)

It is very hard with my trucker gone so much. We tried to talk on the phone as much as possible, but when you get home from work trying to get dinner ready and tend to the children and clean up, the last thing I wanna do is try and juggle a phone in one hand and try and get stuff done.

I know he is lonley out there too, he needs conversation. Something to keep him going, feeling like he was still part of home while being gone.

That's when I realized to be able to talk to him while getting stuff done unneeded to be be hands free like they are when driving. Instead of a head set like they wear, I went out and bought a small Bluetooth earpiece. Now I can go about my business and have him on the phone talking to him like he was there.

It has helped us so much stay connected. I call him from the time I walk out of work til I go to bed. We are almost always on the phone. It has helped him and me feel like he is there.

Also it is especially important to cherish the time we have together when he is home. ( about every 2-3 weeks) We have been doing this about 2 1/2 years now.

It doesn't get easier unfortunately,but every little tid bit helps.

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