I love being a truckers wife!

by Wife of hot trucker

My husband has been OTR for almost four years now, it was hard at first, we had 4 children, the youngest was 3 months old when he went back on the road. I think I cried every night for the first month.

Not only did I miss him, but I worried about him and always wondered if he would make it home. He has driven a truck of some sort all of his adult life, so I was not worried about inexperience.

I am well aware of the crazy people in 4 wheelers(trucker term for cars) thinking trucks can stop on a dime and the dangerous places our men have often have to park to sleep and the very real threat of truckers being high jacked.

But I was also somewhat resentful that I was left with the responsibility of running a household while still working a full time job. I often thought I would love to be the one out there with the "easy" job of driving!

I quickly realized the sacrifice HE was making being away from us, and I really could not survive if I could not hug our babies everyday. I was lucky even though I often had spit up in my hair for two days before getting the time to wash it out. So I sucked it up!

We made the decision TOGETHER for him to go back on the road and there was a bright side to him being gone, we appreciated our marriage a lot more and his home time was spent being a real family.

I also quickly adapted to being the boss and running our home life the way I wanted it. Don't get me wrong, it is not that I don't want him home, but I am bossy and like things my way. With him on the road, I am CEO!

I still appreciate what he is doing for our family and make every attempt to make sure he knows it. When I cook for the kids, I will make a plate for him and freeze it, so I can stock up his fridge in the truck with home cooked meals instead him deciding which roller dog at the truck stop he can eat without getting food poisoning.

As soon as he comes in the door I start unloading his dirty clothes and bedding and wash them. I clean and vacuum the truck and make sure he is stocked up on food, drinks and personal care items.

I always want to make sure when he rolls out, that he knows he is loved and appreciated.
On the flip side he doesn't come home with the expectation of me doing any of those things for him, and he takes over the kids and gives me a break from the baths, arguments, crying and whining. He checks the house for any maintenance issues and makes sure my car is serviced and safe.

Now by no means do I wear rose colored glasses. I am aware of the nasty lizards roaming around our men at truck stops. The temptations, loneliness and stress can make people stupid.

I make every effort to keep things spicy, if he is within a few hours drive but delayed under a load, I will send the kids to grandmas and go meet up with him and rock the truck for a few hours to pass the time and hold him over til his home time.

I try to be sexied up and smelling good when he walks through the door, so he is always happy to be home. On the flip side, his check is direct deposited into my account and I can be a real bitch.

So he knows if he makes the decision to lay a nasty whore down on my clean sheets, he will have a lot more to worry about than just getting crabs. His worst nightmare would be for me to find out that someone else was rocking that truck!

I have a shirt that says " the only thing tougher than a trucker is a truckers wife" and that is the honest truth. You have to be tough, independent and confident to handle this life style.

But don't take his manhood and make him feel like he is only good for a pay check, act dumb and clueless on how to fix that leaky faucet, let him handle it and then show him how much he is appreciated with some nooky..

Get a guard dog, buy yourself a gun and become efficient in using it. You sleep much better at night knowing you can defend yourself and your family.

We are badass bitches, our families are making a sacrifice and our loved ones impacts pretty much everyone in America, because if you got it, chances are that a trucker brought it.

I absolutely LOVE MY TRUCKER!

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Feb 25, 2014
Great Advice NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your great advice and insight! I will definitely remember your tips and use them in the future! My husband of seven years is just starting out. We have a wonderful, strong, close relationship and I will miss him so much while he is gone. But this is what is best for our family at this time. We already have 2 kids and are expecting twins soon. So I am not going to be working outside the home anymore. I realize the huge sacrifice he is making, being away from the family for so long at a time. But it makes more sense than him working 2 jobs to make ends meet but sleeping whenever he is home anyways. I really appreciate your experience in what you have done to make things work! It makes me more hopeful and I can't wait to put it into practice.

Dec 05, 2013
The Love NEW
by: Hervy

Seems like you two are on the right road for a looooongggg time together.

I think there is a lot for other couples to take away from what you posted.

It's definitely important to keep yourself appealing to each other. Some people seem to think that you shouldn't have to do that. Well you don't HAVE to but......

Something else very important that you pointed out though....

Although you have developed the ability to handle many things on your own, you recognize the need to still let him be a man and feel needed. Very important for a guy's ego. As a man we want to be a provider and caretaker for the family.

I can imagine a guy being away for weeks at a time as a trucker easily feeling like he is not completely fulfilling his duties as a man. Especially if his wife, is putting him down or complaining about what is wrong all of the time.

So, know that you are on the right track and do offer that good advice to other trucker's wives (and women in general) when you are in the position to about how to treat your man.

I think it will help a lot of relationships. (For the women who are saying...."What about me" The deal is that if the man feels like he is a man of importance to you and his family, he will likely treat you like a Queen. Providing you start off with a real man.)

Take care,

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