I Learned the Truth About my Man - Now What?

by Jeanann

It's really hard to be a truckers girl it is lonely and all you have are those phone calls to get you through until they get home.

Then they are emotionally and physically drained.

You see mine is a flatbed driver and he takes everything. The truck is your mistress I can deal with that. I have always supported trusted and stood by my man until a couple of months ago when he moved out and said we were working on our relationship and that I had to change anyway in that time.

After he came back home I found out that he had been texting and meeting with nasty escorts that he found on line on in almost every town that he went to.

Of course when I confronted him he got mad at me and said we weren't together but all the time he was gone he kept seeing me and telling me we were working on it.

Ok maybe we weren't together but after we got back together he still texting this one in particular girl and when I ask who she was by name he said a friend.

I told him yea a working girl. He says he loves me and will never do it again but I don't believe him are trust him right now it's just been two weeks since I learned the truth.

I love him very much yes I am devastated anger hurt frustrated . I don't know right now if I want him to stay or go.

Any advice would be appreciated. Yea and I know what the majority are gonna say but it would be nice to have someone's to talk to because I have no one. I can't talk to my friends because I don't want to here them.

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